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Relay function module comes pre-certified

Update Time: 2019-12-19 00:00:34

Relay function module comes pre-certified

The Relay Function Module 2 has been tested for FCC, Industry Canada, and European CE (433 MHz only) compliance, reducing the time and expense of bringing an RF-based product to market. The device provides four latched or momentary relay outputs that are capable of switching external ac or dc powered loads of up to 7 A.

Incorporating a Linx LR Series receiver, the part allows for selectable addressing that provides security and the creation of 256 distinct transmitter/receiver relationships to avoid unwanted interaction from multiple systems usage. When paired with a compatible handheld transmitter or transmitter module, the Relay Function Module 2 serves as a reliable wireless switching device at distances of up to 750 feet. (Call company for pricing and availability.)

Linx Technologies strives to make every engineer a hero in record time? by minimizing the risk, delays, and technical challenges for design engineers to make their products wireless and connect to the Internet of Things (IoT).


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