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Reference design solutions offer advanced microcontroller technology

Update Time: 2019-12-20 22:32:04

Reference design solutions offer advanced microcontroller technology

Zilog’s Z8F1680 MCU-based Microstepper Motor Reference Design is a complete and easy-to-use platform that demonstrates the feature set of the Z8F1680 microcontroller, which is optimized for microstepper motor control. This Microstepper Motor Reference Design drives a unipolar stepper motor using the Z8F1680 MCU’s onboard analog comparators for one-shot feedback current limiting. It also uses the Z8F1680 MCU’s multichannel timer as a microstepper sine/cosine current generator. The Microstepper Motor Reference Design is designed to be operated either by battery or an external power supply of 5V DC to 12V DC.


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IXYS-IC. Design and manufacture of high voltage devices, analog-digital hybrid devices, optical isolation devices and communication ICs. The long history of IXYS-IC in analog/mixed-signal and high-voltage designs has made IXYS-IC a pioneer in highly integrated semiconductor solutions. These solutions replace magnetic materials in wired interface applications and greatly improve performance. Experience in high voltage and mixed signal applications has also brought IXYS-IC to other high-growth areas, including industrial, consumer and new flat panel display markets. IXYS-IC. is the original CP Clare Corporation, founded in 1937 by Carl P. Clare, which provides high voltage switching technology for the communications market. For more than 60 years, Clare has turned from an electromagnetic device manufacturer to the leader of the last inch of silicon solutions in the last mile of communications, with its expertise in high voltage applications. In July 2002, Clare, Inc. was acquired by IXYS Corporation and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of IXYS, the IXYS-IC business unit.

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