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Realtek Single-Chip LCD MHL Monitor Controllers Achieve MHL CTS 3.2 Certification

Update Time: 2019-12-20 13:38:48

Realtek Single-Chip LCD MHL Monitor Controllers Achieve MHL CTS 3.2 Certification

Realtek Semiconductor Corp. (Taiwan Stock Exchange: 2379.TW), one of the world’s largest IC design houses and a market leader in LCD display controller technology, today announced that its Single-Chip LCD MHL monitor controllers fully comply with Mobile High-Definition Link Compliance Test Specification 3.2 (MHL CTS 3.2) and have received an MHL 3.2 certification logo from MHL Authorized Test Center (ATC).

Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) is an industry standard for a mobile audio/video interface used for directly connecting mobile phones and other portable consumer electronics devices to high-definition televisions and displays.

The Realtek RTD25x7 series is an advanced all-in-one LCD monitor controller with analog (RGB/YPbPr), MHL/HDMI/DVI, and DisplayPort inputs, and is offered in a 128LQFP package. No external memory is required, and with the embedded memory it supports frame rate conversion and overdrive functions simultaneously. It integrates an MCU, audio DAC, advanced color engine, and an HDCP2.2 compliant digital content protection function, providing a full-featured cost-effective platform. In addition to high quality and tight integration, the RTD25x7 series chip provides a reduced-cost system design by reducing the number of system components to enable use of a 2-layer PCB, making Realtek’s Single-Chip LCD MHL Monitor Controllers a compelling choice in today’s competitive market place.

“We are pleased to announce Realtek is the world’s first monitor controller chip vendor to receive MHL CTS 3.2 certification”, said Realtek’s Vice President and Spokesman, Yee-Wei Huang. “Our products offer high integration, high performance, and high adaptability. We have focused on every aspect of the user experience as we help customers rapidly accelerate their design flow, and provide a substantial reduction in cost alongside an increase in available features”.

About Realtek
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. is one of the world’s leading IC providers. Realtek designs and develops a wide range of IC products for communications network, computer peripheral, and multimedia applications. Products include 10/100/1000M Ethernet Controllers/PHYs, 10/100/1000M Ethernet Switch Controllers/Media Converter Controllers/Gateway Controllers, Wireless LAN Controllers & AP/Router SoCs, DSL Chips, VoIP Solutions, IoT Solutions, High Fidelity Audio Solutions for Mobile and PC Applications, Clock Generators, Card Reader Controllers, Web Camera Controllers, LCD Monitor/ATV/DTV Controllers, and Digital Home Center Controllers. With advanced design expertise in RF, analog, and mixed signal circuits, and with strong manufacturing and system knowledge, Realtek offers full-featured, high-performance, and competitive total solutions.

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