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Qualcomm has teamed up with tencent QQ to bring a new experience to children's watches

Published time: 2019-12-20 11:21:44

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated(NASDAQ: QCOM), and tencent QQ announced today in 2019 MWC Shanghai that they are working together to bring the popular QQ social networking service to children's watches powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ platform. Tencent QQ is a popular social platform among young Chinese, providing instant messaging, information, entertainment and payment functions to more than 800 million users.

QQ for children's watches brings optimized user experiences such as "touch and friend" and high-quality audio and video calls to the Snapdragon Wear platform.This optimized user experience includes an improved and easy-to-use user interface, smaller footprint, and faster response time.The "touch and friend" function supports consumers to easily and seamlessly add QQ friends with each other only by touching children's watches.High-quality voice video call experience can provide wearable devices with rich voip-based services, as well as convenient voice input capability and rich expression library.QQ children's watch plans to continue introducing exclusive features such as more friends updates, QQ sports red envelopes, and parental management in its upcoming updates.


While in MWC Shanghai, Qualcomm Technologies and tencent QQ announced a number of smart watch products that support the brand new QQ watch for children.The smartwatches include 360 S1 children's phone watch based on Snapdragon Wear 2100, China mobile CMCC C4 children's watch and Kido X3, and TicWatch Kids based on Snapdragon Wear 2500.

Pankaj Kedia, senior director of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., and global leader of the smart wearable device segment, said, "children's smartwatches are still growing rapidly in China and around the world.We are very pleased to partner with tencent QQ to bring popular QQ services to children's smartwatches based on the Snapdragon Wear platform, which will significantly improve the way children communicate and connect on a daily basis.I'm glad to see 360, China mobile, Kido and go ask support QQ for children's watches in their products.The new QQ experience for children's watches will further accelerate the popularity of smart watches for children by taking full advantage of the low-power, high-performance and 4G connectivity features of the Snapdragon Wear platform."

Xia zhiyong, head of tencent's QQ children's watch service, said: "smart watches for children have become a must-have item for many Chinese children.I believe that with the improvement of user experience, the growth of this market will be even more rapid.Therefore, tencent QQ launched a children's watch version designed for children, and cooperated with Qualcomm Technologies to break down social barriers for children's smart watch devices based on Snapdragon Wear and provide more perfect and optimized social services."

Qualcomm Technologies continues to lead the 4G children's smartwatch market segment, with more than 30 children's smartwatches shipped globally, including 360, Anda, better life, China mobile, coolpad, Infomark, go ask, Kido, LG U+, lingtao, moda communications, wuzhou wireless, TCL, Verizon and vodafone.



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