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Qorvo RF Fusion has been successfully applied in many new smartphone designs

Published time: 2019-12-20 14:21:48

Breakthrough rf front-end solutions are widely used in the industry as manufacturers pave the way for global 5G deployment.

Qorvo, inc. today announced the successful adoption of the latest generation RF Fusion™ RF front-end (RFFE) modules in several new smartphone designs.These latest applications demonstrate that Qorvo is now able to support a wide range of new product launches for leading smartphone manufacturers with highly integrated if/hf module solutions.The latest generation of RF Fusion modules, including power amplifier, switch and filter components, combine Qorvo's unique core functions to provide superior performance in a compact solution size and smaller footprint.As the industry moves toward 5G, it will help manufacturers integrate complex RF content into their phones.

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"Mobile devices now use more than 40 combinations of frequency bands and common carrier aggregations, leading to exponential growth in the complexity of the RF front end. As a result, some vendors are moving to an integrated RF front end."According to Chris Taylor, RF component Strategy director at Strategy Analytics, "oems want integrated front-end solutions that meet operators' increasingly demanding RF requirements while still accommodating narrow space constraints."

RF Fusion supports a wide range of applications, including implementing a series of regional carrier aggregation combinations in a pre-validated RF subsystem.This helps smartphone makers shorten time-to-market, optimize their phone SKU portfolio, and improve manufacturing yield.The latest generation RF Fusion™ utilizes Qorvo's advanced BAW and SAW filter technologies to cover the entire main path through the QM77033 low-band module and QM77031 if/hf module.Other recent applications include the QM17001 if/hf duplex and RF8129 envelope tracking (ET) power management module.

Qorvo combines system-level expertise, extensive manufacturing scale and the industry's richest product and technology portfolio to help leading manufacturers accelerate the release of new generation LTE, lte-a, 5G and Internet of things products. Qorvo's core RF solutions set the next generation connectivity standard, providing unparalleled integration and performance for the core segments of the connected world.

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