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Qorvo Adds GaN Power Amplifiers for Ka-Band and X-Band Applications

Update Time: 2019-12-20 11:45:29

Qorvo®, Inc., a leading provider of core technologies and RF solutions for mobile applications, infrastructure and defense applications, announced the launch of two new GaN power amplifier (PA) series -- QPA2212 and QPA1022, which are suitable for international ka-band satellite communications applications and x-band phased array radar applications.These solutions offer the highest levels of power, linearity and efficiency in the industry and are smaller, so these two devices can both improve system performance and reduce costs.

QPA2212 is suitable for Ka frequency band application, enabling the linearity of broadband multi-carrier system to reach the highest level in the industry.The power amplifier provides 20 watts of RF power in the 27-31Ghz band.There are also 14-watt QPA2211D and 7-watt QPA2210D options.The higher the linear power provided by a single MMIC PA, the more likely it is to reduce costs and improve performance.The QPA2212D is now available on the chip, and the packaged version will be launched in August 2019.


The QPA1022 is suitable for x-band phased array applications, providing excellent additional power efficiency in the 8.5-11 Ghz range -- up to 45% at 4 watt RF power.Compared to previous products, the efficiency is improved by 8%, while providing 24 dB large signal gain.These features increase power and reduce heat, increase reliability and reduce cost of ownership.For the same power budget, designers can now create higher-density arrays that extend the power range.QPA1022 is now available to customers in both packaged and bare chip versions.

"These new amplifiers will expand Qorvo's existing large portfolio of products to provide differentiated GaN products for defense applications," said Dean White, Qorvo's director of defense and aerospace market strategy.The advanced features and advanced packaging technologies of the two new products fully utilize our more than 30 years of professional experience in designing and providing RF solutions in this market, and also provide feasible solutions for the commercialization of 28GHz 5G network design."

Qorvo provides the most comprehensive and innovative gan-on-sic product portfolio in the industry, helping customers to significantly improve efficiency and working bandwidth. Qorvo products are characterized by high power density, small size, excellent gain, high reliability and mature technology. Qorvo began mass production as early as 2000.

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