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Protect your electronics from surges and interference.

Update Time: 2019-12-20 15:32:59

Office equipment, home appliances, and other electronic equipment incorporate semiconductor-based electronic circuitry. This circuitry is sensitive to electrical surges and interference from nearby machinery, lighting fixtures, and audio-video equipment. Electrical supply variations can cause malfunction and loss of data or even damage the circuitry itself. Interference may result in circuit malfunction and damage as well as lead to serious accidents involving the operator or user of the equipment.

Sanken's power line filters instantaneously absorb line noise impulses to protect equipment and data from unexpected damage. Available for 100V and 200V lines, Sanken power line filters not only protect industrial equipment from malfunction and damage but also ensure clear, noise-free image and sound from audio-video equipment.


· Hybrid design to cover a broad range of uses
· Quick response to high-speed impulses
· High withstand current and energy absorption capability
· Activated only by surges.
· Compact, low-cost design


· Computers
· Home electrical appliances
· Communication control & radio equipment
· Instrumentation and signaling equipment
· Audio-video equipment
· Broadcasting equipment
· Vending machines
· Numerical control & industrial robots

[Product Line]

Model S-120S S-120S/P S-120SH/E6 S-240S/D
AC100V AC100V AC100V AC100V
Input Lead wires Screw terminal input, power outlet Cord input, power outlet Lead wires
Applications Power distribution boards
(industrial & office use)
Wall-mount type
(industrial & office use)
Extension power outlet
(for office equipment)
Power distribution boards
(industrial & office use)
8/20µs 6000 A (max.)
8/20µs×6 cycles at 1-minute intervals, 3000 A (max.)
-10°C~50°C -10°C~40°C -10°C~40°C -10°C~50°C
Weight 400g 600g 950g 500g
55W×127D×40H 75W×127D×70H 64W×324D×61H 70W×127D×60H

Safety Notes

Before using Sanken power line filters, please note the following precautions:
· Carefully read the User's Manual supplied with the product.
· Observe the operating and environmental conditions described in this Web site.
· This product is designed and manufactured for use in Japan only. For use outside Japan, consult a Sanken sales representative. If the Japanese version of the product is used outside Japan, voltage differences may cause smoke or fire.

· This product information is subject to change without notice due to ongoing product improvement.
· Colors of products shown on this Web site may differ from actual product colors.
· Information valid as of May 1, 1999.

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