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Processor optimization pack targets Cortex

Published time: 2012-04-21

The ARM core Processor Optimization Pack optimized performance and energy efficiency for ARM Cortex-A5, -A7, -A9, and -A15 cores on TSMC 40- and 28-nm processes. The POPs enable ARM partners to quickly close timing of single-, dual-, and, quad-core implementations across a broad envelope of power, performance, and area optimization points.

A POP solution has three elements. First, the Artisan Physical IP logic libraries and memory instances that are specifically tuned for a given ARM core and process. Second, a comprehensive benchmarking report to document the exact conditions and results achieved, and finally, a POP Implementation Guide that details the methodology used to achieve the result, to enable the end customer to achieve the same quickly and at low risk. (No price provided — available now.)


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