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Press Fit Right Angle Socket Array affords design flexibility.

Update Time: 2019-12-20 12:01:30

Press Fit Right Angle Socket Array affords design flexibility.

Samtec's family of SEARAY™ Open Pin Field Arrays has expanded to include a right angle socket with press fit terminations for increased design flexibility and high retention. This socket is a high density solution for micro backplane applications with Samtec's Edge Rate® contact system optimized for signal integrity.

Available in eight and ten row designs with up to 500 total I/Os on a .050" (1.27 mm) pitch grid, this SEARAY™ press fit right angle socket array (SEAFP-RA Series) delivers maximum grounding and routing flexibility, low insertion/extraction forces and high cycle life. Optional guide post holes aid in proper alignment when mating with SEARAY™ terminal arrays, which are also available in right angle and press fit terminations.

The featured Edge Rate® contact system increases cycle life and minimizes the effects of broadside coupling, which decreases crosstalk for superior signal integrity performance and impedance control. This rugged contact system is also less prone to damage when "zippered" during unmating.

SEARAY™ products are the industry's largest offering of high speed, high density open pin field arrays. They support 28+ Gbps applications and are also Final Inch® certified for Break Out Region trace routing recommendations to save designers time and money. SEARAY™ Open Pin Field Arrays (SEAM/SEAF Series) feature a .050" x .050" (1.27 mm x 1.27 mm) pitch grid and stack heights from 7 mm to 40 mm. SEARAY™ LP ultra low profile arrays (LPAM/LPAF Series) are available in 4 mm, 4.5 mm and 5 mm mated heights. For up to 50 percent board space savings, SEARAY™ ultra high density arrays (SEAM8/SEAF8 Series) feature a 0.80 mm (.0315") pitch grid with up to 500 total I/Os.
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