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PR15 LED Recessed Light comes in matte black finish.

Update Time: 2019-12-20 00:00:00

PR15 LED Recessed Light comes in matte black finish.

New York City-based lighting supplier LED Waves is pleased to introduce the PR15 Ultra Thin LED Recessed Light in 4”, 6” and 8” round apertures, now with a matte black finish. The new hue joins the company’s best-selling line of ceiling light fixtures distinguished for its namesake low profile, as well as its bright yet diffuse, glare-free light output.

This unique quality of light makes the PR15 Ultra Thin collection popular for commercial, residential, and municipal applications; and the new black finish opens up even more design opportunities, particularly in retail and hospitality settings. PR15 units are sold as individual units and multi-light kits, all including a dimmable or non-dimming ETL-listed power supply with quick-connect wiring for simple, tool-free installation.

At up to 78 lumens per Watt, the PR15 LED recessed light uses 85% less energy than a halogen lamp of comparable brightness. (See for lumen outputs at each fixture size and color temperature.) Combined with a calculated L70 lifespan of more than 72,000 hours, each unit can save users hundreds of dollars in electricity and bulb replacements over the course of its operating life.


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