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PM-R Series Drum Core Inductors feature low dc resistance.


New low-cost PM-R Series inductors feature high energy (high peak current) and low DCR

Premier Magnetics, global producer of high-quality magnetic components, introduces its new line of low-cost, high-performance drum core inductors designed for EMI filtering and switch mode power supply applications. With a product offering of over two dozen models with inductance values from 100 to 10,000 µH, the new PM-R Series boasts low dc resistance (DCR), providing low temperature rise at high peak currents. Their combination of high peak current and high self-resonant frequency (SRF) make the PM-R Series inductors an ideal drop-in replacement for lower-performing drum core devices. And in applications where the devices’ maximum height of 10.0 to11.5 mm is acceptable, the PM-R Series offers a cost-effective alternative to surface-mount inductors.

Premier Magnetics’ PM-R drum core inductors are offered in two series, PM-R2 (7.5 mm, dia. x 10.0 high, max) and PM-R3 (9.5 mm, dia. x 11.5 high, max), each offering models with a range of 100 µH to10 mH. Both series of inductors are available with sleeving (+125°C); and without sleeving (+155°C). Standard operating temperature range is -40°C to 130°C, with higher temperatures available. The radial-leaded components are RoHS compliant.

“The new PM-R drum core inductors are an optimal choice in applications that need a low-cost solution in a size that can be manipulated to fit into tight spaces,” said Jim Earley, President of Premier Magnetics. “These devices perform particularly well in high peak-current applications.”

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About Premier Magnetics

Incorporated in 1991, Premier Magnetics ( is a leading, multinational company producing and marketing a broad range of magnetics components, including telecom magnetics, power conversion magnetics and DC/DC converters. Committed to providing the highest quality products and shortest cycle times at the most competitive cost in the industry, Premier provides products to the communications, computer, industrial and medical industries, as well as various government and military agencies around the world. Sales and distribution offices are worldwide, with manufacturing locations in Southern California, Taiwan and China.

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Dennis Earley,

Sales Manager

Premier Magnetics

20381 Barents Sea Circle

Lake Forest, CA 92630

(949) 452-0511

Fax: (949) 452-0512


PM-R Series Drum Core Inductors feature low dc resistance.

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