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Pericom Multiplexer Switches

Update Time: 2019-12-19 23:45:34

Pericom Multiplexer Switches

Pericom provides a variety of high-performance multiplexers. The PI2USB3212 is a 1 to 2 bi-directional differential channel multiplexer / demultiplexer switch supporting 5.0 Gbps applications, such as USB 3.0. The Pericom PI3LVD400 is a 4-differential channel high-speed switch used to switch between multiple LVDS sources or end points. The PI3V712-A 7-channel video multiplexer / demultiplexer used to switch between multiple VGA sources or end points. The Pericom PI3VDP612 1:2 demultiplexer is targeted for next generation digital video signals.

Pericom Semiconductor Corp was acquired by Diodes Inc. in 2015, is a market leader in high-speed analog switching technology and PCI Express signal switching solutions, Their focus product families include high-frequency Signal Switches, Packet Switches, Bridges, ReDriver, Clock Generators/Buffers, Crystals and Oscillators.


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