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Optocouplers intended for motor controls, industrial inverters, and induction heating equipment

Update Time: 2019-12-20 00:49:04

Optocouplers intended for motor controls, industrial inverters, and induction heating equipment

Renesas Electronics and California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) introduce three isolated gate drive optocouplers which were specifically designed to meet the demanding isolation requirements of motor controls and drives, industrial inverters and induction heating equipment. Each variant optimizes a different feature set which allows end users to select the ideal component for their specific applications.

Key features

Geared specifically for the industrial market, the entire family extends the upper temperature limit to 110°C – providing 5°C to 10°C more headroom over competitive products.  Each variant also yields a Common Mode Transient Immunity (CMTI) of 25 kV/ms, a level that is up to 2.5x greater than alternatives.

The PS9905 delivers the greatest creepage distance within the family with a rating of 14.5mm – a 40% improvement over the closest competitive product.  This exceptional level allows the end user to design 690V or greater drives while complying with IEC standards.  Essentially this device replaces two optocouplers in traditional designs with a single isolator, thereby reducing the overall footprint by 30%.

The PS9308 offers the smallest form factor of the family, using only half the space of a standard 8-pin DIP.  In addition, this device provides the lowest current, fastest switching speed, and industry-leading noise immunity (i.e. CMTI performance).

The PS9402 adds desaturation detection and active Miller clamping to the optocoupler lineup, while offering excellent noise immunity, reduced current draw and expanded temperature ratings.  Each of these differentiating features makes the PS9402 an ideal device for driving IGBTs and Power MOS FETs.

Pricing, packaging, and availability

Samples are available now at CEL.  Pricing and packaging options are as follows:

PS9905:  $5.90 @ 2.5k pcs  [6-pin 6.7mm x 16.7mm LSDIP]

PS9308:  $1.58 @ 2.5k pcs  [6-pin 4.6mm x 9.7mm SDIP & 6-pin 4.6mm x 11.5mm SDIP]

PS9402:  $4.70 @ 2.5k pcs  [16-pin 10.3mm x 10.4mm SSOP]


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