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Olimex AVR-USB-162 Microcontroller Prototype Board

Update Time: 2019-12-19 23:42:37

Olimex AVR-USB-162 Microcontroller Prototype Board

The Olimex AVR-USB-162 microcontroller prototype board is the easiest way to add USB functionality to your next device. The Olimex AVR-USB-162 prototyping board provides the basic circuitry necessary to work with the Atmel AT90USB162 MCU. This Olimex prototype board comes with a USB connector and circuit, external power supply for circuits requiring more than 100mA, a status LED, and a reset button. The AT90USB162 MCU comes pre-programmed with bootloader, which allows code to be programmed inside the chip without any external programmer.

Olimex Ltd. designs, prototypes, and manufactures printed circuit boards, sub-assemblies, and complete electronic products.


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