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Nordic Semiconductor nRF8001 Bluetooth Low Energy Connectivity ICs

Published time: 2019-12-19 23:37:41

Nordic Semiconductor nRF8001 Bluetooth Low Energy Connectivity ICs

The Nordic Semiconductor nRF8001 is a highly integrated single-chip Bluetooth? low energy Connectivity IC that integrates a fully compliant Bluetooth v4.0 low energy radio, link layer, and host stack. The nRF8001 features a simple serial interface that supports a wide range of external application microcontrollers. With peak currents as low as 12.5mA and average currents down to 9μA (for a 1s connection interval), the Nordic Semiconductor nRF8001 Bluetooth Connectivity IC enables battery lifetimes of months to years from a single coin cell. The nRF8001 is a fully qualified Bluetooth v4.0 low energy design and combines the radio, link layer, and host into a single EPL (End Product Listing) enabling designers to easily create new Bluetooth end products without additional listing fees. The nRF8001 Connectivity IC is specifically designed for Bluetooth low energy applications that operate in the peripheral (slave), including proximity tags, PUID watches, remote controls, and sports/fitness/healthcare sensors.

Nordic Semiconductor provides class-leading levels of wireless performance and sophistication at a price that enables the company's ultralow power (ULP) wireless chips to be used in even the most cost-sensitive consumer products. Nordic Semiconductor's chips can be found in products such as wireless PC peripherals, gaming controllers, sports and fitness sensors, toys, advanced multi-media controllers, and digital/satellite TV (set-top box) remotes and much more.


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