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NKK Switches, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of innovative electromechanical switches, today outlined a suite of switch solutions to meet the needs of design engineers in the audio/video broadcast market. As the primary user interface, switches help to control the various elements of audio, video and other broadcasting equipment. 

Switches designed to support the nearly $475 billion broadcast industry must be designed to minimize user error in high-paced broadcasting environments and be highly reliable. 

“Broadcast equipment operators require simplicity, customization and high functionality to do their jobs,” said Marty Arch, national sales manager, NKK Switches. “Our reliable switches provide the flexibility and customizations for programmability, illumination, feedback and profile options that designers demand to make aesthetically-pleasing and easy-to-use interfaces. 

Programmable Switches
Complex control panels can quickly become littered with dedicated function keys. However, programmable switches allow for more functionality from a smaller panel size because a single programmable switch is capable of accomplishing the same functions as multiple dedicated function keys. In addition, programmable switches simplify tasks and minimize options to reduce human error.

NKK’s OLED and LCD SmartSwitch programmable switches offer a flexible and easy-to-use operator interface with the smallest standard LCD and OLED displays in the industry. These devices are fully programmable with real-time sequencing and a dynamic user interface that simplifies multi-decision operations. Used in control panels or custom keyboards, broadcast equipment designers can simplify some of the most complex steps to reduce operator error and design equipment that provides a smooth audio visual experience for end users. 

The SmartSwitch product line consists of the OLED Rocker; OLED Pushbutton; OLED Display; and a variety of LCD pushbuttons and compact LCD pushbuttons and displays. Design engineer are also able to specify single, bi-color or RGB LED backlighting.

NKK’s OLED programmable devices offer many advantages over conventional LCD programmable switches, including the capability to display full motion video, increased response times, 180-degree viewing angles, higher resolution and a palette of 65,536 colors resulting in more brilliant pictures.

Custom Feedback Illuminated Pushbuttons
NKK’s KP Series of illuminated miniature pushbutton switches provides design engineers with many options that enhance and complete front panels needing an innovative and modern look and feel. The KP Series devices are available with built-in RGB LED illumination, with an additional illumination option of Super Bright red/green built-in LEDs. This allows engineers to utilize the full color spectrum to create unlimited color combinations. 

KP Series pushbuttons can also be specified with tactile or non-tactile with a patent-pending silent actuation or with tactile and audible feedback, giving positive indication of circuit transfer. The series' square caps have a clear lens with a white diffuser and are offered in flat, sculptured or home key styles, and in three common sizes of 17.4mm, 15mm and 12mm, providing additional design flexibility. Caps are constructed to accommodate laser etching and film inserts to facilitate adding legends. 

Engineers can also choose between two stroke travel and actuation force combinations. The KP Series' compact design is just 23.0mm in height from the PC board to the top of the cap. 

Subminiature PCB Illuminated Pushbuttons
NKK’s highly reliable NP01 Series of smooth actuation subminiature pushbutton switches is available in both illuminated and non-illuminated versions. 

Utilizing a single LED, the NP01 switches offer full illumination that can be specified in red, green or amber, or a bicolor LED with a red/green combination. Unique in the industry is the alternating legend option offered with the NP01. The bicolor red/green device can be specified with standard off–the-shelf legends of ON-OFF, START-STOP or OPEN-CLOSE. This provides an alternative to traditional methods of adding common legends, such as laser etching or pad printing, and increases the practical functionality of the switches. 

The smooth touch actuation of the NP01 Series is achieved through the use of a patent pending, uniquely designed mechanical silicon rubber structure. This smooth actuation makes the NP01 switches ideal for a vast spectrum of applications ranging from audio visual, industrial automation and test and measurement equipment. NP01 switches measure just 12.5mm from PC board to the top of the cap. Caps are 12mm square and can be specified with clear lenses and matching colored diffusers, or with white diffusers to match any color. Non-illuminated versions feature caps available in black, white, red and gray.

The HB2 Series of subminiature switches features quiet actuation combined with crisp tactile feedback. Full-face illumination with a choice of red/green or red/yellow bicolor LEDs and simultaneous bicolor illumination, which produces amber, are available. Cap size is 7.5mm square and overall height is 17mm. 

Low Profile Switches
The JB Series of low profile, process sealed tactile switches provide a choice of dimensions from the PCB to the top of the cap. Multiple 10mm square cap styles and actuator heights can be configured. LED options are red, green or yellow. Terminal spacing conforms to standard .100” X .100” PCB grids. Dome contacts provide crisp tactile feedback.

The UB2 Series is low profile but unique in its appearance. UB2 switches feature a wide selection of illumination effects with single and bicolor LEDs in flat, sculptured or beveled caps. These 15mm square devices are available in momentary and maintained single pole and double pole circuits.

About NKK Switches
NKK Switches designs, produces and sells the industry’s most extensive selection of electromechanical switches setting the standard for quality, stability, and reliability in switch solutions. NKK provides a full suite of customizable solutions that include design, programming, and value added support by combining flexibility, expertise, and a commitment to our partners’ success.

NKK’s switches turn on millions of products around the world every day by offering more than 3.5 million different toggle, rocker, pushbutton, slide, rotary and keylock switches to illuminated, process sealed, miniature, specialty, surface mount and programmable switch devices. 

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