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NKK Switches OLED Smartswitch Rocker

Update Time: 2019-12-19 23:37:25

NKK Switches OLED Smartswitch Rocker

NKK Switches offers the Smartswitch? programmable display Rocker (patent pending) featuring sharp contrast and high resolution (96x64 pixels) organic LED technology (OLED) with 52,000 hours at 30% illumination. The Smartswitch Rocker can replace multiple switches and displays with one small package device through its multifunction actuation navigation - forward, reverse, up, and down, with push for activation. The NKK Switches Smartswitch Rocker is panel mount with easy, snap-in installation and a connector socket is available for simple connection (AT715).
Finalist in EDN's Innovation Awards!

NKK Switches designs, manufactures and markets the broadest range of electromechanical switches in the industry and is the benchmark for quality, stability and reliability of switching solutions. NKK offers a full range of customizable solutions, including design, programming and value-added support, to help our partners continue to succeed with our flexibility, expertise and commitment in every aspect.

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