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New Power Integrations LYTSwitch-6 LED Driver IC

Update Time: 2020-10-07 16:20:31

The latest member of the Power Integrations LYTSwitchâ„¢-6 series of safety-isolated LED driver ICs, with high efficiency and high reliability LED driver ICs, high-power density devices suitable for smart lighting applications. The new IC adopts PowiGaNâ„¢ technology, which can achieve up to 110 W output power and 94% conversion efficiency through a simple and flexible flyback topology.

The new LYTSwitch-6 IC has extremely high efficiency and does not require the use of heat sinks-can greatly reduce the size and weight of the ballast, and reduce the requirements for the air-cooled environment around the drive. The 750 V PowiGaN primary switch can provide extremely low RDS(ON) and reduce switching losses. Compared with the conventional solution, this improvement combined with many existing features of LYTSwitch-6 can increase the power conversion efficiency by 3%, thereby reducing the waste of heat by more than one third.

LYTSwitch-6 LED IC.png

LYTSwitch-6 IC uses PowiGaN technology to provide lossless current detection, which helps to improve efficiency. The new devices of the LYTSwitch-6 product series still retain the advantages of fast dynamic response, and can provide excellent cross-regulation for parallel LED strings without additional secondary voltage regulator circuits and support flicker-free system operation. These advantages can ensure that it is easier to implement dimming applications that use a pulse width modulation (PWM) interface.

Hubie Notohamiprodjo, Director of LED Lighting Product Marketing at Power Integrations said: "The new LYTSwitch-6 IC with PowiGaN technology can achieve a high-efficiency design with an output power of up to 110 W, which is particularly suitable for smart home and commercial lighting and thin ceiling recessed light applications. High power The density of the LYTSwitch-6 design can reduce the height and weight of the LED driver, which is essential for space-constrained and closed ballast applications."

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