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New 2.45 BLE/WiFi + GPS/GLNSS/BDS multi-band chip antenna

Published time: 2019-12-20 14:01:26

New 2.45 BLE/WiFi + GPS/GLNSS/BDS multi-band chip antenna

Johanson Technology announces the offering of small chip antenna for GPS/GLNSS+BLE/WiFi/WLAN for portable, wearable fitness, tracking systems among other many applications. This small antenna component has two separate antenna feeds, one for 2.45GHz functionality (WiFi and or Bluetooth) and positioning location systems, saving designer precious board space while maintaining high performance.

Would you like the layout file of the above? Contact our applications engineers at: 1 Attention: Matching circuits and component values will be different on the client's design, depending on PCB layout, geometry, etc. It is recommended that the designer leave available slots for a "pi" (or shunt-series-shunt) network. The antenna matching network values you see here are used when antenna is mounted on Johanson's evaluation board. Need help laying out the antenna, want us to review your antenna design (free!), require the Gerber files for this EVB, or would like us to validate the new tuning values of your PCB (fee may apply) go to: Orderable EVB for evaluation, it comes with a female SMA connector.

Johanson Technology produce superior High Frequency Ceramic Solutions through optimization of ceramics, inks and RF circuit designs.


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