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Neutrik REAN TINY XLR Connectors - EXPANSION

Update Time: 2019-12-19 23:35:25

Neutrik REAN TINY XLR Connectors - EXPANSION

Neutrik expanded the REAN TINY XLR Connectors product line to include a 5 position version.

Neutrik offers REAN TINY XLR Connectors for cable and chassis connections. The easy-to-assemble robust metal connectors feature a shielded housing system for high noise immunity and EMI protection. The intuitive and rugged locking mechanism provides a secure mating connection while a keyed insert and chuck helps to avoid mispositioning/rotation of the cable while providing excellent millionfold chuck style strain relief. The Neutrik REAN TINY XLR Connectors feature a watertight chassis connector, even in an unmated condition, and the cable connectors feature an optional sealing boot for water/sweatwater protection. Neutrik REAN TINY XLR Connectors are offered in both 3-, 4-, and 5-pole versions.
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Neutrik is the leading provider of professional entertainment connector systems. Neutrik has developed, produced, and distributed state-of-the-art connectors for over 40 years.


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