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Enter the world of N-Channel Logic Level MOSFET-BSS138

Update Time: 2019-12-20 17:58:55


In the introduction of the electronic components in the latest issue, Jotrin electronic engineers explained the knowledge about MOSFET-2N7002. We learned about the characteristics of 2N7002 and related applications, datasheet and so on.

We are aware of the importance of N-channel Logic Level MOSFETs in electronic components.

As we all know, The N-Channel MOSFET has a N-channel region between source and drain It is a four terminal device such as gate, drain , source , body. This type of MOSFET the drain and source are heavily doped n+ region and The substrate or body is P-type. The current flows due to the negatively charged electrons.

There are too many electronic components classified as N-Channel MOSFETs. We can't list them one by one. Only typical models can be selected for everyone's explanation.

Jotrin Electronics engineers will continue to introduce you to the new N-channel Logic Level MOSFET, which be called BSS138.

The BSS138 is an SMD Package Logic Level N-Channel MOSFET with low on-state resistance (3.5Ω) and low input capacitance (40 pF). Adding to this the Mosfet can also switching at high speed of 20ns. Due to the low threshold voltage and high switching speed this Mosfet is commonly used in level shifter circuits.

Its Drain to Source Voltage (Vdss) is 50V,Drive Voltage (Max Rds On, Min Rds On) is 4.5V, 10V.Usually, we purchased the BSS138 using the TO-236-3, SC-59, SOT-23-3 package.

We will introduce you to the relevant knowledge about BSS138.

The simple description of BSS138

The BSS138 is a compact Logic Level N-Channel Mosfet. The mosfet has very low threshold voltage of 0.5V and hence can be used with any low voltage application circuits and for level shifting applications. Adding to this the Mosfet also has low on-state resistance and low input capacitance which makes it efficient in switching circuits. Because of the compact nature of the mosfet it is widely used in portable applications like Cellular phones and other power management circuits.

The BSS138 is slightly expensive for its specification, so if you are looking for a cheap alternative do check 2N7002. However you have to compensate slightly with the on-state resistance and threshold voltage of the Mosfet. This mosfet comes in a SMD package hence can be used for compact applications. One considerable disadvantage of the mosfet is its low drain current; it can provide a continuous current of 200mA and peaks currents upto 1A at maximum threshold voltage. Anything more than that will damage the mosfet.

The description from datasheet

These N-Channel enhancement mode field effect transistors are produced using ON Semicondcutor’s proprietary, high cell density, DMOS technology. These products have been designed to minimize on-state resistance while provide rugged,reliable, and fast switching performance.These products are particularly suited for low voltage, low current applications such as small servo motor control, power MOSFET gate drivers, and other switching applications.

The Features of BSS138

1.Logic Level N-Channel MOSFET with low on-state resistance
2.Continuous Drain Current (ID) is 200mA
3.Drain Source Voltage (VDS) is 50V
4.On-state Resistance is 3.5Ω
5.Minimum Gate threshold voltage (VGS-th) is 0.5V
6.Maximum Gate threshold voltage (VGS-th) is 1.5V
7.Turn ON and Turn off time is 20ns each
8.Available in SOT23 SMD package

The application of BSS138

1.Low current and Low Voltage switching applications
2.Logic Level Shifters
3.DC-DC converts
4.eMobility applications
5.Application where low on-state resistance is required.

6.Power management applications

The description of Pin Configuration

BSS138 has three pins, which are Source, Gate, and Drain. They correspond to different functions. For specific description about BSS138 pin, please refer to BSS138 datasheet. You can free download

BSS138 Pdf at the end of the article.

BSS138  pinout


When we need BSS138, we found that there is no such component, how to deal with it?

Once this happens, we need to understand the relevant properties of the BSS138 and then find the replacement electronic components, which means that this replacement component has the same functionality and properties as the BSS138.

BSS138 Alternatives:NTR4003, 2N7002, FDC666, FDC558, BS170, 2N7000

Related Electronic Components Types: N-Channel MOSFETs

BS170NL, IRF3205, 2N7000, IRF1010EIRF540N

Free download bss138 datasheet


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