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MPS introduces the latest integrated motor drive module - for 'intelligence'

Update Time: 2019-12-20 11:19:04

Nowadays, with the continuous advancement of industry 4.0 and the vigorous development of smart home, intelligence is quietly changing the world around us.Motor can be said to be the core of powerful automatic operation technology, small to electric toys, electric furniture, large to heavy trucks, automatic lathes, ubiquitous motor makes life more efficient, and intelligent and gives them more accurate operation, higher efficiency and more human control.

Among them, the integrated motor by virtue of its small size, high energy density, fast response, high speed, small inertia, smooth rotation, torque stability, easy to achieve intelligent features, more and more favored by the market.

MPS 'latest product line, the intelligent integrated motor driver module MMP7xxxxx, integrates not only the brushless dc motor controller with position sensor, three-phase bridge power level, but also the MCU(microcontroller) and power management chip on its board.The MCU ensures that the motor responds to its current, position and operating conditions at all times.This series of modules come in two different sizes and can be used for NEMA 23 standard 57mm brushless dc motor and NEMA 17 standard 42mm brushless dc motor, respectively.

MPS intelligent integrated motor

• predrive chips

MMP7xxxxx USES MPS MP19XX series predrive chip.It can carry the input voltage between 18v and 70v, and the maximum continuous output power can reach 188w.At the same time, it also provides current acquisition mode and circuit protection, and provides security guarantee for the use of users.

• Angle sensor

In order to achieve smoother and more efficient BDC motor vector control, the BDC motor controller MP6570 on MMP7xxxxx is integrated with MPS MagAlpha Angle sensor.The output Angle of MagAlpha can be used for Angle feedback to complete the closed-loop control of brushless dc motor, and to complete the space vector transformation of three-phase current and voltage.

• programmable MCU + control module

The control part of MMP7xxxxx series adopts the top-level MCU with the exclusive control module of brushless dc motor.This combination takes into account the high-speed performance of the algorithm, intelligent control and expansion of future products.Users can also program MCU according to the needs of the application, so as to further use MMP7xxxxx flexibly.The MMP7xxxxx series adopts FOC vector control, and users can select position control, speed control or torque control according to their needs.MMP7xxxxx also supports pulse and PWM analog input modes under position and speed control.

• easy to use GUI

For maximum user convenience, MPS provides a MPS visual dynamic control GUI for the MMP7xxxxx series. Users can use a graphical interface to verify the design.

Users only need to connect the MMP7xxxxx module with the upper PC, and then they can use the mouse to read and write each register of the control module through the MPS friendly user interface, and complete the upgrade and burn of the control program.Users can also select the characteristics of the motor output after observing the real-time waveform debugging in the GUI window.MPS 'dynamic GUI makes real-time hardware operations as easy as running simulations.

MPS intelligent integration of the motor drive module well combine the fully integrated hardware and humanized software, have high power levels of power density, high resolution magnetic encoder and unique packaging patent technology, modular design and programmable MCU and Angle sensors, making it a smart motor driver module of choice.

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