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New Microchip temp sensors

Update Time: 2019-12-20 00:00:00

New Microchip temp sensors

EMC118x family of temperature sensors from Microchip Technology, the first with 1.8V SMBus and I2C communications. The low-voltage I/O support on the EMC118x family of temp sensors allows for interfacing to the latest generation of smartphone, tablet, and PC chipsets.

Microchip EMC118x devices available from Mouser Electronics are also the first temperature sensors to use an advanced sensor filtering technology that eliminates sensor noise. This allows temperature-monitoring diode traces in hostile signal noise environments to be as long as 8 inches while still obtaining accurate readings within ±1°C.

These Microchip temp sensors combine high-performance features with options for dual, triple, and quad temperature sensor monitoring. Hardwired system?shutdown settings provide security that software cannot override. The EMC118x family serves a broad range of applications in the mobile, commercial, embedded computing markets.

An evaluation module is available for easy testing of the sensors’ capabilities.


Learn more about EMC118x temp sensors and the evaluation module by visiting


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