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More accurate and sensitive, Bourns fully upgraded sensor series

Update Time: 2019-12-20 14:51:46

Bourns, the leading manufacturer of electronic components in the world, today released advanced environmental sensor series, including a new version of pressure sensor. Bourns® BPS140 series pressure sensors are based on the most advanced MEMS technology to provide extremely accurate state readings in miniature package sizes.The new BPS140 pressure sensor provides high sensitivity/accuracy and long term reliability, with extended temperature capability and harsh media compatibility.

The BPS140 series is extremely rugged and built to handle high pressure ranges (15 to 500 PSI) even at high temperatures.Another advantage of Bourns latest pressure sensor is the combination of structure and back pressure measurement to minimize the amount of moisture sensitive media.This backside sensing design is designed to ensure that the measured medium touches only the back side of the measuring assembly.


Alain Leon, Bourns sensor and controller product line manager, said: "the BPS140 structure provides a unique sensor precision advantage because all electronic components and other sensitive surfaces are isolated from the medium. And by reducing the amount of moisture-resistant material, we effectively reduce the medium sensitivity of the sensor."

Bourns new sensor series can provide stable performance during product life cycle with a total error of 2.5%FS, temperature range of -40°C to 150°C(six standard deviation process) and product life change of 0.5%FS.These characteristics make the BPS140 pressure sensor an ideal solution for a variety of industrial, energy, heavy equipment, building & home control, and low/medium risk medical * designs.

Bourns BPS140 series pressure sensors are now available in line with RoHS ** standard.Bourns also provides port configuration and calibration customization.

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