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Molex's cross-industry solutions were unveiled at the 2019 Asian consumer electronics show

Update Time: 2019-12-20 17:59:10


Molex will participate in CES Asia 2019 at the Shanghai new international expo center (SNIEC) from June 11-13, 2019.Please visit Molex booth no. 3172 in hall N3.As a global brand, CES has gone far beyond the beginnings of "consumer electronics" and now spans many fields, becoming the premier event for Asian electronics and engineering design groups.

Molex's booth will fully reflect this diversity, showcasing specific solutions for a wide range of industries, including automotive, industrial automation, data communications/telecommunications, Internet of things, and mobile communications, while providing full support to the design and engineering community in China.

Molex will include a number of "live" demonstrations at ces - which will focus on the company's Ethernet solutions for in-car networking.It is estimated that in the next few years, the global car Ethernet annual growth rate of more than 20% of the market, so the solution will provide a complete set of auto connect ecosystems, across a variety of software and hardware and interconnection wiring system to provide more seamless integration capabilities, as well as flexible integration of the original car agreement and scalability for future upgrades.


The presentation will highlight Molex's high speed network products at the show, which will be applied to sensor systems such as ADAS safety features and powertrains.

Dave Atkinson, business development director at Molex, said: "we have translated the need for safe, robust, reliable interconnect vehicle platforms into a high-performance computing network on wheels.By integrating signal integrity, network traffic prioritization, system scalability, and security, we've been able to ensure that our solutions meet the demand for higher in-vehicle processing capacity, while helping automakers redefine what the next generation of vehicle technologies can achieve."

Another live demonstration will show Molex's smart charging module, which USES smart technology to achieve customized or off-the-shelf on-board charging functions, ensuring fast battery charging in a compact, convenient package.

Automate the enterprise in the cloud

Molex is targeting the industrial sector with a focus on its industrial automation solutions (IAS) 4.0, an end-to-end solution that integrates simple and complex devices such as sensors, controllers, gateways and I/O modules and platforms to develop cloud-based applications.We'll be showing sensors from Contrinex and a range of IAS 4.0 solutions that provide connectivity and power on the edges and in the cloud.

In the field of data communication/telecommunications, Molex's optical technology will be demonstrated.The Molex portfolio includes 100G and 400G products based on 100G pam-4 optical platforms, including multirate 25G/50G/100G pam-4 DWDM QSFP28, 100G FR QSFP28, 400G DR4, and 400G FR4 qsfp-dd and OSFP.When combined, these features support high-bandwidth requirements and are suitable for a wide range of applications in data center internals, data center interconnections (DCI), and 5G wireless.

High-speed backplane solutions will also be on display - such as BiPass I/O and backplane cable assemblies, which combine QSFP+, Impel, or near-asic connectors within ultra-thin twin coaxial cables.These products provide a low insertion loss replacement for PCB wiring, meet the requirements of the 112 Gbps palm-4 (pulse amplitude modulation) protocol, and can be easily customized to a separate front panel configuration based on specific application requirements.

There are also a variety of mezzanine, I/O and high-power solutions to be explored at the booth, including wireless solutions from SDP Telecom, a leading provider of microwave and rf solutions.

The world of mobile sensors

For the Internet of things/mobile space, Molex will focus on security monitoring, robotics, 3D cameras, artificial intelligence and an ultra-short focus projector.Molex offers a complete line of connector systems and antennas for smartphones and other mobile devices used for sensor-based communications within the Internet of things and industrial Internet of things infrastructure.The product line includes innovative, minimal form factor plate-to-board and flexible printed circuit (FPC) interconnection systems, as well as custom and industry-standard connectors for I/O, camera slots, memory CARDS and SIM card and antenna applications.These products fully support ai applications in the Internet of things/industrial Internet of things and computation-intensive environments in machine learning.

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