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Mini-USB connector includes insertion life of 5,000 times

Update Time: 2019-12-20 21:52:17

Mini-USB connector includes insertion life of 5,000 times

OMRON announces the release of the new XM7D Mini-USB Connector, designed to supplement its current USB Connector lineup and I/O Connector portfolio. The Mini-USB connectors are widely used in a variety of devices found within the Office Automation, Consumer Electronics and PC Peripheral markets. They’re also found within Factory Automation applications and Industrial Equipment.

Key features and benefits
? The XM7D Mini-USB connectors have an insertion life of 5,000 times.

? They are available with right angle DIP through-hole terminals or right-angle SMT terminals.

? The XM7 product line also features the XM7A standard A-Type USB connector with straight or right angle through-hole terminals. The right angle through-hole is available with either a single connector or two stacked connectors, allowing designers to maximize board layout and save on PCB real estate.

? XM7B B-Type USB connector completes the offering, for use in printers, scanners, mice and other peripheral computer devices.

? All versions are RoHS Compliant.

Omron is the world's leading supplier of sensors and relays and they offer a wide variety of technologically-advanced versions for virtually any relay requirement. Omron switches work hand-in-hand with their relays in consumer electronics, appliances, computer peripherals, office automation products, and telecom applications.

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