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Power Integrations launches new MinE-CAP IC

Update Time: 2020-11-02 16:22:15

Released MinE-CAP™ IC suitable for high power density, universal input AC-DC converters. This new IC can halve the size of the high-voltage and large-capacity electrolytic capacitors required for offline power supplies, reducing the size of the adapter by up to 40%. MinE-CAP devices can also greatly reduce inrush current, which helps eliminate NTC thermistors, improve system efficiency, and reduce heat dissipation.

MinE-CAP IC.png

MinE-CAP will change the rules of the game for compact chargers and adapters. Electrolytic capacitors are relatively bulky, occupy a large part of the internal volume, and often limit the choice of external dimensions of the adapter design, especially the minimum thickness. MinE-CAP IC allows designers to mainly use low-voltage rated capacitors in a large part of the energy storage, so that the volume of these components can be linearly reduced with voltage. USB PD technology has provided a huge impetus for the widespread adoption of small 65W chargers in the market. Many companies are trying to reduce the size of flyback transformers by increasing the switching frequency. The volume savings provided by MinE-CAP is greater than the method of doubling the switching frequency, while also effectively improving system efficiency.MinE-CAP devices can take advantage of the small size and low RDSon of PowiGaN™ gallium nitride transistors to actively and automatically connect and disconnect various parts of the large-capacity capacitor network according to AC input voltage conditions. Designers using MinE-CAP can choose the minimum high-rated voltage and large-capacity capacitors required for high AC input voltage, and allocate most of the energy storage to low-voltage capacitors. These capacitors are protected by MinE-CAP until the low AC input voltage As long as needed. This method can greatly reduce the size of the input large-capacity capacitor without affecting the output ripple, working efficiency or without the need to redesign the transformer.

Traditional power conversion solutions use smaller transformers by increasing the switching frequency, thereby reducing the size of the power supply. The innovative MinE-CAP IC can not only greatly reduce the overall size of the power supply, but also reduce the number of components, reduce EMI, and avoid the challenges of increased transformer/clamping losses associated with high-frequency design. Its applications include smart phone chargers, home appliances, power tools, lighting and automobiles.

MinE-CAP IC supports a wide range of input voltage and is suitable for almost all regions. In India, our design is usually suitable for 90VAC to 350VAC input voltage range, and set sufficient surge derating on this basis. Engineers here often complain about the need to use various expensive high-voltage capacitors. MinE-CAP can greatly reduce the number of high-voltage energy storage components, and protect low-voltage capacitors from severe fluctuations in grid voltage, thereby greatly enhancing durability and reducing system maintenance and product repairs.

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