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MicroSpeed Triple

Update Time: 2019-12-20 13:46:55

MicroSpeed Triple

We have expanded our popular MicroSpeed high-speed connector family, introducing variants with three contact rows. The shielded connector family with 1 mm pitch enables high-speed data applications with up to 25 Gbit/s. The new connectors are ideal for next generation communication standards like Ethernet 100 Gbps (IEEE 802.3ba), Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF), USB 3.1 etc. Typical applications which will benefit from the new connectors are data communication and telecommunication, high-end computing, medical technology or industrial automation with high speed transmissions and high data volumes.

The new three-row versions with SMT terminals provide a high contact density with 3 x 25 positions in a 1.0 mm pitch. The center (third) row of contacts allows the user even greater flexibility for signal/shielding pin assignment. Differential pairs or single-ended signals can be assigned horizontally or vertically, depending on the application or requirements with regard to crosstalk.

With the 180° variants the MicroSpeed Triple connectors are ideal for board-to-board connections (Mezzanine) or the board connection via Flex PCBs. Board-to-board distances of 5 mm can be realized. 
Electromagnetic compatibility can be significantly improved thanks to the optimized shield concept. The connectors have minimized electromagnetic radiation and very good immunity to interference.

The robust frame design with polarized mating face and the blind-mate features are decisive aspects for use in industrial environments. The dual-beam female contact ensures safe and reliable connection in rough environments and guarantees a wipe length of 1.5 mm.

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