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Micron Releases Latest 5210 ION Series Enterprise SSD

Update Time: 2019-12-20 12:02:18

About Micron Technology, Inc. 

Micron Technology is a world leader in innovative memory solutions. Through our global brands — Micron, Crucial® and Ballistix® — our broad portfolio of high-performance memory technologies, including DRAM, NAND, NOR Flash and 3D XPoint™ memory, is transforming how the world uses information. Backed by nearly 40 years of technology leadership, Micron's memory solutions enable the world's most innovative computing, consumer, enterprise storage, data center, mobile, embedded, and automotive applications. Micron's common stock is traded on the Nasdaq under the MU symbol

1New Product Express Press

Source :Micron Technology,Inc  Source
NEW YORK, May 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Micron Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq:MU) has commenced shipments of the industry's first SSD built on revolutionary quad-level cell (QLC) NAND technology
The Micron 5210 ION SSD provides a bit density of 33% more than a three-layer cell (TLC) NAND, and handles the portion of the previously used hard disk drive (HDD) service.Based on the introduction of new SSD QLCSSD, make Micron as a leader, at a lower cost to provide higher capacity.To address the read-intensive yet performance-sensitive cloud storage needs of AI, big data, business intelligence, content delivery and database systems.It is the world's first QLC flash memory product.

"This breakthrough QLC SSD will usher in a new generation of storage products that allows enterprise and cloud customers to experience the benefits of NAND flash across an expanding array of workloads that were previously relegated to slow, power-hungry hard drives," said Micron Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer, Sumit Sadana. "This innovative solution is another example of Micron's accelerating momentum in bringing high value solutions to market and creating true value for customers."

The Micron 5210 ION SSD

2.The history of NAND flash

NAND flash has developed for four generations according to the storage mode:

The first generation of SLC can be stored 1bit of data per unit, with good performance and long service life. It can withstand 100,000 programming/write-off cycles, but with low capacity and high cost, it is very rare now.

The second generation of MLC can be stored 2bits per unit , and MLC is relatively balanced in performance, life and capacity, and can be programmed/erased 10,000 times

The third generation of TLC can be stored 3 bits of dataper unit, performance, life becomes poor, can only be programmed/wipe loop 3000 times, but the capacity can be bigger, cost can be lower, it is the most popular products

The fourth generation of QLC can be stored 4bits of data , and the performance and life span is further reduced. It can only be programmed/erased for 1000 times, but it is easier to increase the capacity, and it can also continue to reduce the cost.

Intel and the QLC NAND flash memory chips have already made 64 layers of stacking, single Die 512Gb(64GB), and now they have announced 64 layers of stacking, single Die 1Tb(128GB), which is the first time in the history of flash memory.

 four generations NAND flash

At the same time, thanks to four layers structure (the original is two layers), I/O instructions can be parallel, makes up the defect cost performance of large capacity, but also "array CMOS" (CMOS under the array) design, makes the circuit design, but does not lead to the kernel is excessive.

3. Micron 5210 ION details and overview

Micron 5210 ION series is a standard 2.5 inch SATA specification, with a starting capacity of 1.92TB and a maximum of 7.68TB, highlighting the large capacity advantage of QLC flash memory.

The master control is still Marvell 88SS1074, the firmware is written by micron, but the performance index is not disclosed.

In terms of life, less than 5200 in today's ECO series, shows that all written to only meet once a day, and the combination of 1000 programming/wipe circulation, all written number may be only 0.5 times a day, in other words, that promise not bad conditions that is written with a plate of two days.

So far ,this is still higher than most 3D TLC SATA SSDS , it is an enterprise product that fully shows the vulnerability of QLC.

Because of this, meguiar's recommended 5210 ION series for reading intensive applications, read the load of at least 90%, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, real-time analysis, big data, media stream and so on

If it is only 0.1 times per day (ten days full), it is not a problem to maintain a five-year warranty.

The 5210 ION series has already been shipped to specific customers and will be released on a large scale this fall, with specific performance and prices to be announced at that time.

dition, Intel and micron also announced that the third generation of 96-layer stacking 3D flash。

The Micron 5210 ION SSD is now shipping to strategic enablement partners and customers, with broad market availability expected in the fall of 2018. To meet market needs, the Micron 5210 ION SSD will be available in a 2.5-inch (7mm) form factor in capacities ranging from 1.92TB to 7.68TB, enabling more flash capacity per 2U chassis. Micron plans to continue innovating with QLC NAND in other interfaces to expand offerings across its product portfolio and offer even greater capacities in the future.

Micron 5210 ION details

4.Benefits of QLC-based SSDs

Lower TCO: While performance focused, read-centric workloads rely on massive arrays of HDDs to deliver the results that users demand, QLC-based SSDs do it with fewer drives — lowering the total cost of ownership.
More Capacity: QLC packs 33% more bits per cell than its predecessors, enabling immense gains at the system, rack and data center levels that are more cost-effective.

Smaller Footprint: QLC technology’s ability to increase per-server density reduces rack space by up to 7.7X compared to HDDs, saving precious and expensive data center real estate.

5.where to find the Micron® QLC NAND Technology Flyer

visit the site and find the buttons for PRODUCT BRIEF:

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