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Micron Introduces Monolithic Mobile Memory-LPDDR4x

Update Time: 2019-12-20 17:30:43

Micron Introduces Monolithic Mobile Memory-LPDDR4x

Recently, Micron Technology Co., Ltd. announced that its low-power, double-data-rate, monolithic 12Gb 4X (LPDDR4x) DRAM has been validated for use in the reference design of MediaTek's next-generation Helio P90 smartphone platform.

Micron LPDDR4X is capable of delivering up to 12GB1 of low power DRAM (LPDRAM) for a single smartphone.

It stacks up to 8 slices in a single package, and compared to the previous generation, the next-generation product doubles the memory capacity without increasing the space.

With the use of enhanced mobile applications, consumer demand for computing and data intensiveness in handheld devices has increased, creating the need for high-value storage solutions that enable the full potential of smartphones.

As the industry's largest single-chip mobile memory, Micron's LPDDR4X enables smartphone manufacturers to take advantage of their industry-leading bandwidth, capacity and power efficiency: high-resolution imaging, image optimization using artificial intelligence, and Multimedia features.

Dr. Raj Talluri, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Products Division, Micron Technology, said: "Micron is committed to improving the computing and data processing capabilities of smartphones and other edge devices.

We work closely with chipset vendors such as MediaTek. Our monolithic 12Gb LPDDR4X will enable more advanced mobile applications in the field of artificial intelligence and multimedia, and its performance will further increase as the 5G network evolves. ”

The Helio P90 smartphone chipset is powered by MediaTek's strongest artificial intelligence technology, the APU 2.0 architecture, designed for powerful artificial intelligence applications and gaming experiences.Martin Lin, deputy general manager of MediaTek's wireless communications division, said: "Lianfa's next-generation Helio P90 smartphone platform will provide industry-leading performance for artificial intelligence and imaging applications while maintaining excellent power efficiency. With the support of LPDDR4X, we are committed to developing more advanced technologies for the smartphone platform to achieve a richer mobile experience."

Micron's LPDDR4X memory enables MediaTek to offer the industry's highest LPDDR4 clock frequency and significant improvements in power consumption to improve the performance of mobile devices in next-generation applications.

LPDDR4X data transfer rate of up to 4266Mb / s, thin package, high density, to meet the needs of future edge artificial intelligence data processing. High data rates help perform machine learning on the device to reduce data transaction workloads while still being able to perform AI training in the cloud.

5G mobile technology will be deployed soon, and these features will support higher data rates and real-time data processing, further providing mobile users with a more immersive and seamless experience.

The LPDDR4x DRAM will be produced based on 1Y-nm (10-nanometer-class) process technology, resulting in improved efficiency and reduction in battery power consumption. Micron's LPDDR4x mobile DRAM is capable of reducing power by up to 10 percent at similar data rates of 4,266 megabits per second (Mb/s) compared to previous generations.

MediaTek's new Helio P90 smartphone chipset uses Micron's LPDDR4X technology, which will be integrated into mobile devices and is expected to be in volume production in the summer of 2019.

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