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Microchip launches silicon carbide products to help build reliable high-voltage electronic devices

Published time: 2019-12-20 10:32:41

As the market for SiC technology efficiency and power density requirements continue to rise, the new 700V MOSFET and 700V, 1200V SBD can provide customers with more options

The automotive, industrial, space, and defense sectors increasingly require SiC power products that enhance system efficiency, robustness, and power density.Microchip Technology inc. announced the launch of a range of SiC power devices through its subsidiary, Microsemi.This series of devices have good durability and wide band gap technology advantages.They will complement Microchip's diverse MCU and analog solutions and join Microchip's growing portfolio of SiC products to meet the rapidly growing market for electric vehicles and other high-power applications.

Microchip's 700V SiC MOSFET and 700V, 1200V SiC schottky barrier diode (SBD) will be added to the company's existing SiC power module portfolio.More than 35 additional discrete device products in the portfolio have been mass produced and have passed stringent durability tests, enabling Microchip to provide comprehensive development services, tools, and reference design support.Microchip currently provides rated voltage, rated current and various types of encapsulated SiC chips, discrete devices and power modules.

Rich Simoncic, senior vice President of Microchip discrete devices and power product management, said: "the evolution and application of SiC technology has accelerated, and Microchip has been deeply involved in this market for many years to meet the growing global market demand for SiC products and to remain a global leader."We build our product portfolio with proven products and provide strong infrastructure and supply chain support to meet customers' needs to execute and adjust product development plans.

Microchip's SiC MOSFET and SBD can perform switching operations more efficiently at high frequencies and pass durability tests at all levels, which are critical to ensuring long-term reliability.The sensor switch (UIS) durability test, which measures the breakdown voltage when the peak voltage exceeds the device under avalanche conditions, device degradation and premature failure, indicates that the Microchip SiC SBD performs about 20% better than other SiC diodes.In addition, the SiC MOSFET of Microchip is also superior to similar products in terms of performance, with good gate oxidation layer protection ability and channel integrity. Even after 100,000 times of repeated UIS(RUIS) test, its parameters can still be maintained at the normal level.

Microchip is one of the only global suppliers of both silicon and SiC discrete device/module solutions.The company's products (including external charging stations, in-car chargers, dc-dc converters and powertrain/traction control solutions) are well positioned to meet the growing demand for ev systems.The new SiC devices will use Microchip's customer-oriented product phase-out mechanism, and Microchip will decide whether to continue producing such products based on customer demand.


Microchip will provide a range of support for this SiC portfolio, such as SiC SPICE modules, SiC driver plate reference designs and a power factor correction (PFC)Vienna rectifier reference designs.Microchip has realized mass production of all SiC products and related accessories.In addition, there are for SiC MOSFET and SiC diode developed a variety of bare chip and packaging scheme, for customers to choose.



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