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Microchip Introduces Eight-Port Switch Compliant with IEEE 802.3bt Power over Ethernet (PoE) New Standard for Powerful Smart Lighting Systems

Published time: 2019-12-20 16:28:07

The 480W fanless switch is compatible with all PoE lighting systems, providing maximum power for enterprise connected lighting applications

Commercial intelligent lighting systems are becoming increasingly popular as companies and institutions work to improve building energy efficiency and improve building operating costs.These systems are increasingly using Ethernet powered (PoE) technology to manage power and data over a single Ethernet cable, providing systems with reliable, easy-to-install solutions.In order to promote the scale and efficiency of lighting system, Microchip Technology inc. today released a cost-effective eight-port PoE switch, pds-408g PoE switch, through its subsidiary, Microsemi Corporation.The new switch ensures 60W power for 8 ports and is suitable for digital ceiling installations.The new product conforms to the IEEE 802.3bt standard and adopts a fanless design, which will not generate noise when working.

PoE lighting system

PDS - 408 - g switches interconnected lighting designed for enterprise application and design, lighting, sensor, hvac, wi-fi ® access points etc. Different system integration on the same switch.The switch has eight PoE ports (the best number of ports for connected lighting) and provides additional cost savings for terminal applications by saving energy and reducing operating costs.It conforms to the IEEE 802.3bt standard and provides a total power of 480W, a maximum power of 90W for a single port and 60W for eight ports simultaneously.

The pds-408g switch has a pressurised flame retardant rating and can be installed in any ventilated space, making it the best choice for digital ceiling installations.The pds-408g switch is designed without fans, which can fully meet the needs of offices, hospitals, hotels and other buildings with high requirements for quietness and reliability.In addition, it also has other advantages of PoE, such as power supply security, simple installation, flexible deployment, support for remote power management and so on.

Microchip simulator, discrete device and power products, senior vice President of Rich Simoncic, says: "Internet lighting system for Ethernet (PoE) power supply and a growing demand of PoE switches designed for the application of new bespoke, PDS - 408 - g will continue Microchip in PoE technology leadership, is a kind of IEEE 802.3 bt standard solution, can provide the previous PoE e. nearly six times the standard power."

The pds-408g switch is part of a Microchip end-to-end PoE solution portfolio.Developers can use the terminal node PDS - 408 - g switches and Microchip of various kinds of 8 bits and 32-bit PIC ® and AVR ® microcontroller.To help developers accelerate PoE design, Microchip offers a number of easy-to-use hardware and software tools, including a PIC18 PoE motherboard with PIC18 single-chip microcomputer, ATECC608A security device, and MIC28512 step-down voltage stabilizer.



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