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Microchip has upgraded the performance of the world's most accurate atomic clock

Published time: 2019-12-20 10:32:16

Currently, the world's applications in measurement, deep space research and global navigation rely on the precise frequency and timing provided by commercial atomic clock technology.To meet these application requirements, Microchip Technology Inc., through its subsidiary Microsemi Corporation, has released an upgraded version of the mhm-2020 hydrogen clock, which has improved the long-term stability nearly tenfold compared with the previous generation mhm-2010.In addition, on the basis of mhm-2010's original service life and purchase cost advantages, the updated version of the product has added color touch screen display and secure network management port, which will improve the user experience to a new level.


Under the right circumstances, hydogen atoms emit microwaves at 142,0405,751 Hertz (Hz), a principle the hydrogen clock USES to achieve stability.By phase-locking the extremely low power and high purity signals to the high performance quartz oscillator, the clock output signals with necessary long-term stability and phase noise can be produced, and the accurate time control can be realized.Microchip's active hydrogen clock is the most advanced commercial atomic clock in the world. It is four times more stable than passive hydrogen clocks.Compared with the cesium beam atomic clock, it has better short-term stability.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, mhm-2020 hydrogen clocks use novel drift compensation features to significantly improve long-term clock drift and performance aging, which are important for metering and timing applications.The new product retains the advantages of long service life and low purchase cost of mhm-2010 hydrogen hydrogen clock, which makes it the first choice for maintaining world standard time (UTC) in national laboratories around the world that cooperate with the international bureau of measurement (BIPM) standard.The new product can help users achieve a long-term aging rate of less than 3e-16 / day, while improving the temperature stability (tempco) and reducing the magnetic field sensitivity.In addition, the upgraded product's short-term clock stability in the range of 1-100 seconds can meet the stringent requirements of ultra-long baseline interferometry (VLBI), such as black hole research in radio astronomy or other applications requiring low noise, accurate frequency and timing benchmarks.

"As a leading supplier of commercial atomic clock solutions, Microchip will continue to invest in and develop atomic clocks to provide customers with new capabilities," said Randy Brudzinski, Microchip vice President and general manager of frequency and time. Mhm-2020 inherits the benefits of the mhm-2010 products, and we will provide upgrades to customers who have purchased mhm-2010 products over the past five years, enabling them to benefit from Microchip's technological advances without purchasing new systems."

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