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MEMS resonators eliminate temperature compensation

Update Time: 2019-12-20 05:49:03

MEMS resonators eliminate temperature compensation

SiTime Corporation introduced TempFlat MEMS resonators that are asserted to natively outperform quartz crystals. This technology promises to eliminate temperature compensation and is said to result in dramatically higher performance, smaller size, lower power and cost. TempFlat MEMS technology is being used in SiTime’s SiT15xx family of kHz oscillators for smartphones. With TempFlat MEMS, which according to SiTime is 30 times better than its prior resonators, the company can get to 5 PPB (parts per billion) oscillator stability for Stratum 3E timing in base stations, small cells and optical networking to service all segments of the electronics industry.

SiTime Corporation,

SiTime develops revolutionary MEMS-based silicon timing solutions and offers the most powerful, reliable and configurable leading products with the shortest lead times. The heartbeat of the company's programmable oscillator's cutting-edge electronics is ideal for a variety of networking and communications, storage and computing, consumer and industrial device applications.


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