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Maxim Releases Complete Isolated RS-485 Module Transceiver_MAXM22511

Update Time: 2019-12-20 14:21:13

Beijing, China – November 1, 2018—Maxim Integrated Products, Inc (NASDAQ: MXIM) announces the release of the latest MAXM22511 2.5kV isolated RS-485/RS-422 transceiver module with an isolated power supply.

It provides the energy efficiency and robustness required for industrial noisy environments, helping industrial intelligence advance forward. 

The MAXM22511 greatly simplifies fieldbus communication system design and reduces size. Extensive support for factory automation, motor control and other industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Comprehensive industrial integration requires automation plants to advance intelligent design to achieve self-diagnosis and self-management functions. In order to monitor and transmit status information in complex environments in real time.

The plant subsystem requires fieldbus communication systems to meet stringent size, power efficiency requirements, and stable operation in noisy industrial environments.

The MAXM22511 is the first device in the family of isolated communication ICs to solve these problems.

In the meantime it can simplify the design of fieldbus communication systems. Highly integrated modules eliminate the need for discrete digital isolators, transceivers, transformers, and transformer drivers and reduces bill of materials (BOM) costs.

The MAXM22511 supports a 25Mbps data rate and provides 60% DC-to-DC conversion efficiency and +/-35kV ESD protection.

The module is packaged in a grid array (LGA) (9.35mm x 11.5mm, which is 35% less than competing solutions).

Complete Isolated RS-485 Module Transceiver_MAXM22511

 Main advantage of MAXM22511 

●Highly integrated: modules integrate data isolation and power isolation in a small package; reducong 4 discrete components, reducing BOM cost and simplifying design

● High power efficiency: The module's DC-DC conversion efficiency is 60%, which is twice the competition solution.

● Stable and reliable: 2.5kVRMS isolation enables reliable communication across the isolation layer to ensure safe operation of industrial equipment; this module can effectively reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI), and its +/-35kV ESD protection (Human Body Mode, or HBM) is the closest Twice the competition plan

What do you think about the MAXM22511?

“Designers of fieldbus communication systems are facing challenges, how to reduce the size of the integration solution and how to improve power efficiency,” said Bassel Rahil, a supplier development manager. “The MAXM22511 provides a reliable isolated communication solution that meets the requirements of Industry 4.0. Maxim continues to be a strong testament to industry convergence."

From reducing the size of the solution to improving power efficiency to reliable operation in harsh environments, Industry 4.0 places stringent requirements on the underlying components of industrial equipment.” Jeff DeAngelis, General Manager, Industrial Communications, Maxim Integrated, said: “The MAXM22511 can To solve these problems, the product passed the design of high-reliability and high-efficiency fieldbus communication, and supported the real-time collection of health and status information at the leading edge of the digital factory, and transmitted it to the cloud to help improve plant productivity and reduce production losses.”

What is the Benefits and Features

● Space Saving Solution

 • Fully Integrated Module for Compact Design

● High-Performance Transceiver Enables Flexible Designs

 • Integrated DC-DC for Cable-Side Power
 • Compliant with RS-485 EIA/TIA-485 Standard
 • 500kpbs Maximum Data Rate for the MAXM22510
 • 25Mbps Maximum Data Rate for the MAXM22511

 • Allows Up to 128 Devices on the Bus

● Integrated Protection Ensures for Robust Communication

 • ±35kV ESD (HBM) on Driver Outputs/Receiver Inputs
 • 2.5kVRMS Withstand Isolation Voltage for 60 Seconds (VISO)
 • 630VPEAK Maximum Repetitive Peak-Isolation Voltage (VIORM)
 • 445VRMS Maximum Working-Isolation Voltage(VIOWM)
 • Withstands ±10kV Surge per IEC 61000-4-5

 • Thermal Shutdown Safety Regulatory Approvals Pending

● UL According to UL1577

● cUL According to CSA Bulletin 5A

Applications of MAXM22511 

● Industrial Automation
● Programmable Logic Controllers
● Power Meters

● Building Automation


Market information and price of MAXM22511

● The MAXM22511 is priced at $7.00 (1000 sheets, FOB USA) and can be purchased through Maxim's website and licensed dealers.

● Provides the MAXM22511EVKIT# evaluation board for $125

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