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Maxim Announces Newest Secure Microcontroller with 50% Package Size Reduction

Update Time: 2019-12-20 14:01:54

The Description of MAX32558

DeepCover® embedded security solutions cloak sensitive data under multiple layers of advanced physical security to provide the most secure key storage possible.

The MAX32558 is based on an Arm® Cortex®-M3 processor with 512KB of embedded flash, 96KB of system RAM, 1KB of battery-backed AES self-encrypted NVSRAM. It includes a cryptographic engine, a true random number generator, battery-backed RTC, environmental and tamper detection circuitry, a magnetic stripe reader, a smart card controller with embedded transceiver to directly support 1.8V, 3.3V, and 5V cards, and an integrated secure keypad controller. It also includes a vast array of peripherals, USB SPIs, UARTs, DMA, and ADC that add flexibility to control and differentiate the system design.

 The latest MAX32558 DeepCover ArmTM CortexTM-M3 flash-safe microcontrollers

As electronic products become smaller and increasingly connected to the network, the threat of sensitive information and user privacy is increasing, making manufacturers first consider security issues when designing devices. Although designers need to guard against device-level vulnerabilities, they always need to trade off between smaller board space and higher security, while accounting for design complexity and time-to-market goals.

The latest MAX32558 DeepCover ArmTM CortexTM-M3 flash-safe microcontrollers successfully overcome these challenges, providing robust security in small form factor packages, simplifying design integration, and speeding the time to market. The device integrates multiple security features in a small package, including key storage, secure boot, active tamper detection, and a secure crypto engine. 

The device also supports multiple communication channels such as USB, Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) and I2C, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Maxim's long-standing reputation and experience in payment terminal certification, along with comprehensive support and technology, helps customers streamline the certification process by reducing the cycle to six months (rather than the standard 12 to 18 months).

In the evaluation kit is a software framework including real-time operating system (RTOS) and code examples. For code porting, the API software library is shared with the rest of the product family.

Documentation and code for managing device life-cycle, such as secure firmware signing and device personalisation is included.

“We have significantly shrunk the size of the MAX32558 microcontroller without compromising on our exceptional security features,” said Maxim security director Gregory Guez.

The security feature mix was chosen with the point-of-sale Payment Card Industry (PCI) pin transaction security (PTS) requirements in mind. “Maxim’s experience in payment terminal certifications as well as its established support and technology can help streamline the certification process for customers,” claimed the firm, and a pre-certified Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV)-L1 smartcard interface stack is available.

"Maxim has always been committed to integrating the features and interfaces required to build a new generation of devices that integrate advanced features to ensure consumer personal data security.

Jotrin Electronics looks forward to Maxim developing more valuable products like the MAX32558.

The Key Features of MAX32558

ARM® Cortex® M3 Processor Core Allows for Easy Integration into Applications
60MHz Core Operating Frequency Through PLL
512KB Dual-Bank Flash Memory with Cache
96KB System SRAM
1KB AES Self-Encrypted NVSRAM
Security Features Facilitate System-Level Protection
Secure Boot Loader with Public Key Authentication
AES, DES and SHA Hardware Accelerators
Modulo Arithmetic Hardware Accelerator (MAA) Supporting RSA, DSA, and ECDSA
4x3 Secure Keypad Controller
Hardware True Random-Number Generator
Die Shield with Dynamic Fault Detection
4 External Tamper Sensors with Independent Random Dynamic Patterns
256-Bit Flip-Flop-Based Battery-Backup AES Key Storage
Temperature and Voltage Tamper Monitor
Real-Time Clock
Integrated Peripherals Reduce External Component Count
Triple-Track Magnetic Stripe Head Interface
One ISO 7816 Smart Card Interface with Integrated Transceiver (1.8V, 3V, and 5V)
USB 2.0 Device with Internal Transceiver and Dedicated PLL
1 SPI Port, 1 UART Port, and 1 I2C Controller
8 Timers, with up to 2 PWM I/O
Up to 27 General-Purpose I/O Pins
1-Channel, 10-Bit ADC
4-Channel DMA Controller
Power Management Optimizes Battery Life and Reduces Active Power Consumption
Single 3.3V Supply Operation*
Integrated Battery-Backup Switch
Clock Gating Function
Low-Current Battery-Backup Operation


ATM Keyboards
EMV Card Readers
Industrial Modules
PCI Mobile Payment Terminals (mPOS)
Standalone Smartcard Readers
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