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Lydis new MachX03D FPGA with hardware trusted root for improved security

Update Time: 2019-12-20 14:15:41

Lydis semiconductor (NASDAQ:LSCC), a leading supplier of low power programmable devices, today announced the MachXO3D FPGA for system security in a variety of applications.Insecure systems can lead to problems such as data and design theft, product cloning and overbuilding, and device tampering or hijacking.OEM can easily realize reliable, comprehensive and flexible hardware-based security mechanism with MachXO3D to ensure the security of all system firmware.MachXO3D can be used to protect, detect, and recover components from unauthorized access to firmware at all stages of the system life cycle, from production to system scrap.

The firmware of components has gradually become the most common target of network attack.In 2018, more than 3 billion chips in various systems will face threats such as data theft due to firmware security issues.Insecure firmware can also cause financial losses and brand reputation problems for oems due to potential problems such as device hijacking (DDoS attacks), device tampering, or damage.Failure to address these risks in a timely manner may have adverse effects on the reputation and financial position of the enterprise.


Pat Moorhead, President and founder of Moor Insights, said: "the potential for compromised firmware is particularly significant because it not only makes user data vulnerable to intrusion, but also causes permanent damage to the system, significantly reducing the user experience, and oems are responsible."The FPGA provides a reliable hardware platform for securing system firmware because they can perform multiple functions in parallel, enabling faster identification and response when unauthorized firmware is detected.

When using the MachXO3 FPGA for system control, they are usually the "first on/last off" devices on the circuit board.With integrated security and system control, MachXO3D is the first link in the system's secure trust chain.

Reedix MachXO3D improves device configuration and programming steps during production.These optimizations match MachXO3D's security features to ensure secure communication between MachXO3D and legitimate firmware, thus better protecting the system.This protection is available throughout the life cycle of the system from manufacture, transportation, installation, operation to abandonment.According to Symantec, the number of attacks carried out during the supply chain phase increased by 78 percent between 2017 and 2018.

Gordon Hands, director of product marketing at reddix semiconductor, said: "system developers typically take advantage of the flexibility of the FPGA to enhance functionality after a system is deployed."We added a security configuration module while maintaining the flexibility of MachXO3D, resulting in the industry's first control-oriented FPGA compliant with the NIST platform firmware protection and recovery (PFR) standard.

Key features of the new MachXO3D include:

The control FPGA provides 4K and 9K lookup tables and logic for immediate configuration of slave flash memory during power on

Used for single 2.5/3.3v on-chip voltage stabilizer

Support maximum 2700 Kbit user flash and maximum 430 Kbit sysMEM ™ embedded block RAM, let more flexible design choices

Up to 383 I/O can be configured to support LVCMOS 3.3 to 1.0, and can be integrated into a variety of system environments with hotplug, default drop-down, input lag, and programmable swage

Embedded security module that provides pre-validation hardware support for encryption functions such as ECC, AES, SHA, PKC, and unique security ID

Embedded security configuration engine ensures that only FPGA configurations from reliable sources are installed

Dual - chip memory for reprogramming component firmware in case of failure


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