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LIN transceiver reduces system costs for multi LIN master systems

Update Time: 2019-12-20 21:48:48

LIN transceiver reduces system costs for multi LIN master systems

Local interconnect network (LIN) nodes are witnessing exponential growth rates in cars, resulting in master modules controlling multiple LIN buses. To address this growing need for multi LIN transceiver systems, Melexis (Nashua, NH) introduces a new generation of 2 and 4-channel LIN transceiver IC. The MLX80002/4 can reduce system costs of the LIN physical layer by 20% compared to multiple single transceiver ICs found in, for example, a body control module (BCM). The MLX80002/4 extends Melexis’ existing product line of LIN transceivers and system basis chips. Other features include:

  • The ability to combine two or respectively four LIN transceivers on one die.
  • 0.35 micron HV-CMOS technology.
  • Very low electromagnetic emission to further simplify the design challenges of networked communication in hostile automotive environments.
  • Automotive temperature range of -40°C to 125°C.
  • On-chip protection against over-temperature, 40V load dump, and LIN short to ground.

For more information on the MLX80002/4, visit

Melexis manufactures and delivers advanced mixed-signal semiconductors that can detect, drive and communicate. Because our customers in the automotive and other markets are demanding product quality, operating conditions and cost targets, Melexis's ability to produce world-class, high-value innovative products is also created. Industry-leading innovations in programmable sensors, sensor interface devices, optoelectronics, RF/RFID and motor drives provide customers with a competitive advantage in system cost, functionality and flexibility.


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