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Let the battery be more durable, TI's new switch battery charger IC

Published time: 2019-12-20 10:36:43

Texas Instruments has introduced a new switching battery charger integrated circuit (IC) that supports 20mA of terminal current. Compared to competing products that typically support terminal currents above 60mA, TI's BQ25619 can increase battery capacity by 7% for longer run times. The BQ25619 charger also offers 3-in-1 boost converter integration and ultra-fast charging, providing 95% efficiency at 4.6V and 0.5A output. In addition, with the industry's lowest quiescent current, the new charger doubles the life of ready-to-use electronics.

The BQ25619 charger helps engineers design small medical and personal electronic applications such as hearing aids, earbuds and wireless charging boxes, IP webcams, patient monitoring devices and personal care applications.

Key features and benefits of the BQ25619

Industry's lowest switching charger terminal current: 20 mA ultra-low terminal current increases battery capacity and uptime by 7%. The BQ25619's programmable charge timer further extends run time, eliminating the need for users to charge their devices more frequently.

Best-in-class low quiescent current: The BQ25619 reduces battery leakage to 6 uA in transport power save mode, saving battery power and doubling the life of the device. The device consumes only 10 uA during battery-only operation to support the standby system.

3-in-1 Boost Converter Integration: The BQ25619 includes integrated charge, boost converter and voltage protection to support efficient design in space-constrained applications without the external inductance required by previous generation charger ICs. Due to its integrated bidirectional buck or boost topology, the BQ25619 requires only one power device for its charging and discharging functions.

The BQ25619 expands TI's industry-leading portfolio of battery charger solutions, providing single- and multi-section switch-mode chargers for high-capacity batteries, as well as highly integrated linear chargers to extend battery run time and reduce overall solution size .

Tools and support

Designers can easily evaluate the functionality and performance of their devices with the BQ25619 Evaluation Module (EVM) to speed time to market. The BQ25619EVM is priced at $99.

In some cases, a battery is not enough and requires a multi-battery system. For example, a wireless earbud requires two space-constrained batteries for each earplug and low charging current, which is different from the design requirements of a wireless charging box. For these designs, TI offers the BQ25619 for wireless charging boxes and the BQ25150 for earphone charging. The BQ25150 is an I2C controlled linear charger with two low dropout linear regulators, a built-in analog-to-digital converter, quiescent current of less than 500 nA in low-power mode, charging current up to 500 mA, while maintaining 11 mm2 resolution Solution size.



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