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LED signage & display kit enables rapid design creation and quick prototyping

Update Time: 2019-12-20 03:24:02

LED signage & display kit enables rapid design creation and quick prototyping

JKL Components Corporation has announced the availability of an LED Signage & Display Kit — Part Number SK14. It includes a full selection of LED technologies appropriate for use in the signage, display, gaming and architectural industries. These kits are excellent for product development of backlit signs, under-cabinet lighting, display, retail & museum case lighting as well as for architectural remodeling.

The SK14 LED Kit allows the designer to test an array of LED designs that vary in intensity, design, LED pitch and color. Having these materials on hand allows for rapid design creation, quick prototyping and shortens the time from development to market.  The kit also serves as a valuable sales tool for craftsmen and designers to showcase lighting options for potential clients to turn quotes around faster and ultimately capture more business. 

The comprehensive LED Signage & Display Design Kit comes complete with 12 and 24 Volt adapters, 23 Linear LED options, five varieties of channel lights, an assortment of based LEDs along with sockets, joining connectors and mounting accessories, including an LED-compatible dimmer. The kit includes two linear chip-on-board (COB) ZLP LED Lights, excellent for high brightness needs for compact designs. The kit comes in a convenient canvas bag that includes 11” zip pockets organized by product type and operating voltage.  Available through the JKL website, the price of the SK14 is $225 and all specifications, user sheets, installation instructions and technical information are included in printed form as well as on a USB thumb drive.

JKL components is a leading supplier and distributor of cold cathode fluorescent lamps, dc-ac inverters, LED lamps, ultraviolet lamps, small and ultra-small lamps and lighting accessories. They offer a wide selection of standard lights and sockets. Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for quality, reliability and consistently high standards of customer service and technical support.


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