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Laser sensor promises optimized performance for positioning and measuring

Update Time: 2019-12-20 23:25:12

Laser sensor promises optimized performance for positioning and measuring

Banner Engineering (Minneapolis, MN) has expanded its L-Gage LE family of laser sensors with the new LE250. Optimized for measurements ranging from 100 mm to 400 mm, the LE250 features desirable measurement precision and a small laser spot size. The sensor’s linear array allows for reliable detection and measurement across a wide range of difficult targets, from black rubber to shiny metal. With a resolution of 0.02 mm out to 250 mm and a resolution below 0.2 mm out to 400 mm, the LE250 provides the repeatability and accuracy for solving applications where precise dimensional measurements or positioning are needed. The LE250:

  • Features a small spot size, approximately one millimeter, which is desirable for small part detection.
  • Provides consistent measurements for applications that present varying colors, including multicolored packaging.
  • Operates with an intuitive two-line, eight-character display, allowing for easy readability, quick adjustments and simple menu navigation.

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Banner offers a complete and integrated line of sensing and machine safety products. Whatever Across a variety of industries and product applications, Banner has the right sensors to automate plant operations and to improve overall efficiency, quality and safety.


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