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JAE PC2 Series USB 3.0 Type A Connectors

Update Time: 2019-12-19 22:55:14

JAE PC2 Series USB 3.0 Type A Connectors

JAE developed the PC2 Series as a line of board-to-board connectors compatible with USB3.0 (USB Super Speed) standardized USB-IF (Universal Serial Bus-Implementers Forum) to meet the growing demand for faster data transmission rates and reduced power consumption. The PC2 Connectors provide designers with greater board design flexibility with the industry's smallest-in-class mounting area measuring 14mm in depth which is lower than the 16mm depth recommended in the standard. Featuring 4 hold downs which is twice as many as the standard recommendation, the PC2 Series USB 3.0 Type A Connectors increase board strength as well as EMI characteristics. Designed with 9 contacts, PC2 Connectors offer a AC 30Vrms voltage rating, 1.8A (power) and 0.25A (signal) current rating, and durability up to 1,500 cycles within an operating temperature range of -20?C to +80?C. The JAE PC2 Series USB 3.0 Type A Connectors are well-suited for applications such as PCs, TVs, and consumer devices such as set top boxes. JAE's PC2 Connectors are available standard and reverse mount versions.

Connector industry technology not only involves a wide range of aspects, but also requires technical expertise, because the connectors are widely used, many types, different structures, and a variety of metal and plastic parts.


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