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JAE MJ06 Hard Metric Connectors

Update Time: 2019-12-19 22:54:48

JAE MJ06 Hard Metric Connectors

JAE MJ06 Series Hard Metric Connectors are high-speed signal connectors optimized for differential transmission. Superior high-speed transmission performance is achieved through a balanced transmission structure and a simplified mounting pattern design. JAE's MJ06 Series is compatible with backplane/midplane type devices and IEC61076-4-101 mounting dimensions. The MJ06 Series features pair signal alignment with a 1.8mm pitch side pair, symmetrical pin structure the prevents skew between differential signal pair, pin-side and socket-side press-fit attachment, and through-hole termination designed to optimize the board wiring pattern. These 120 position connectors offer a 1A rated current, AC200 Vr.m.s rated voltage, 100? ± 15 ? (Tr=100ps [10-90%]) differential impedance, and 5% max. crosstalk. RoHS compliant, the JAE MJ06 Hard Metric Connectors are well-suited for factory automation, semiconductor manufacturing, inspection and measuring, server/storage, communication/network, broadcasting, and medical equipment.

Connector industry technology not only involves a wide range of aspects, but also requires technical expertise, because the connectors are widely used, many types, different structures, and a variety of metal and plastic parts.


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