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Intel teamed up with HPE to provide a new programmable acceleration card for enhanced workload acceleration

Published time: 2019-12-20 11:18:06

Intel announced that it will work with Hewlett Packard Enterprise* (HPE) to provide greater workload acceleration for HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 servers. The move is designed to meet the needs of compute-intensive markets such as stream analysis, media transcoding, financial technology and network security with the new high-performance Intel® FPGA Programmable Accelerator Card (Intel® FPGA PAC) D5005. The Intel FPGA PAC D5005 is the second accelerator card in the Intel PAC portfolio and will ship with the HPE ProLiant DL3809 Gen10 server.


“The HPE ProLiant Gen10 server family is the safest, most manageable, and most agile server platform on the market today. We are now adding more and more work to the HP FPGA PAC D5005 Accelerator to the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server. Loads (including AI reasoning, big data and stream analysis, network security, and image transcoding) provide optimized configurations. Combined with HPE Pointnext's services, we will support customers to achieve faster value and increase return on investment (ROI). ” – Bill Mannel, Vice President, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and General Manager, HPC and AI Business Unit

Why it matters: Applications such as flow analysis, artificial intelligence (including voice-to-text), and media transcoding must rely on powerful computing power to meet today's growing demands. Data center customers can use hardware accelerators for specific workloads to maximize FPGA-based hardware acceleration. By moving these tasks to a custom hardware accelerator, you can offload the corresponding workload, freeing up the server's CPU cycles to run higher value workloads. Unloading the corresponding workload helps reduce the total cost of ownership for the operators in the data.

The new Intel FPGA PAC D5005 offers more logic, more memory, and better networking than previous generation PACs. The Intel FPGA PAC D5005 is now certified for the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server, and customers can choose this higher performance PAC in addition to the Intel PAC with Intel Arria® 10 GX FPGA.

Functionality: The Intel FPGA PAC D5005 Accelerator Card is based on Intel® Stratix® 10 SX FPGAs and provides high-performance inline and support for Intel® Xeon® scalable processor-based servers using the Intel Acceleration Stack, including accelerated libraries and development tools. The bypass workload is accelerated.

Details: HPE is the first server OEM to announce a pre-certified Intel FPGA PAC D5005 accelerator card and add it to an HPE server, specifically the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server. Other server vendors are also certifying the Intel FPGA PAC D5005 accelerator card. The first workloads specifically developed for the Intel FPGA PAC D5005 Accelerator Card include:

Myrtle*'s AI (voice-to-text)

Network security for Algo-Logic*

CTAccel* image transcoding

IBEX* video transcoding

Intel is expanding its line of FPGA-based server accelerator cards, and the Intel FPGA PAC D5005 accelerator card is the latest addition to the line. Compared to Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGA-based Intel programmable accelerator cards, the Intel FPGA PAC D5005 Accelerator Card offers significantly more resources, including up to three times more programmable logic and up to 32 GB of DDR4 memory (up to 4 times). And a faster Ethernet port (2 100GE ports versus 1 40GE port). Intel PAC based on Intel® Arria® 10 GX FPGAs has a smaller physical footprint and lower power consumption for a wider range of servers, while the Intel PAC D5005 is focused on providing greater acceleration.



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