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Update Time: 2019-12-20 17:30:04


Last week, the OFC conference was held in San Diego. At the conference, Intel's programmable Solutions Division will showcase the unique 58 gbps transceiver technology, which is integrated into Intel Stratix 10tx FPGA, the world's first field programmable gate array (FPGA) using 58 GBPS PAM4 TRANSCEIVER TECHNOLOGY Mass production and shipping will begin, with support for 400Gb ETHERNET deployment.

"Today's release is the culmination of our ongoing drive for product innovation and functional development to improve the speed of data acquisition and processing that is critical to network and Data Centre applications and highlights the real value that Intel FPGAS can create for their customers. "- Dan McNamara, Senior Vice President and general manager of programmable solutions at Intel

The significance of the incident:

This advanced technology doubles the bandwidth of the transceiver compared to traditional solutions. This improvement is critical for applications that require high bandwidth, such as network, cloud and 5G applications, optical transport networks, enterprise networks, cloud service providers, and 5G. By supporting dual-mode modulation, 58 GBPS PAM4 and 30 gbps NRZ, the new infrastructure achieves a data rate of 58 gbps while maintaining backward compatibility with existing network infrastructure.

STRATIX 10tx FPGA with 58Gbps PAM4 transceiver technology provides architects with higher transceiver bandwidth and hardened Ip cores to meet their huge needs for higher density and faster connection speeds.

Ildefonso M. , VEEX vice president of product marketing. Polo said: "The 400GB Ethernet and QSFP-DD markets are growing rapidly. Taking the lead in bringing portable solutions to the market can help companies take advantage of the opportunities and put their experimental results into practice more quickly. We are proud to work closely with Intel to roll out our next generation of test modules using FPGAS that support the production volume of 58GBPS PAM4."


Intel Stratix 10tx FPGA provides up to 144 transceiver channels and serial data rates from 1 to 58 GBPS, enabling the future development of networks, network function virtualization (NFV) , and optical transmission solutions. This combination provides higher total bandwidth than existing FPGAS, supporting system architecture to expand to 100Gb, 200Gb and 400Gb transmission speeds.

A variety of hard intellectual property (Ip) including 100Gb MAC and FEC.

The kernel provides optimized performance, latency, and power.


The Intel Stratix 10fpga 58Gbs transceiver interconnects with the 400G Ethernet FPGA and uses only eight channels to meet the new high bandwidth requirements of routers, switches, active and direct optical cables, interconnections, and test and measurement equipment.

In addition, Intel also disclosed a 112G Pam4 high-speed transceiver test chip using 10-nanometer process technology. The chip will be integrated into INTEL'S NEXT-GENERATION FPGA product line to meet the bandwidth requirements of next-generation data centers, enterprises and network environments.


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