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Inserts prevent accidental disconnection of plugs

Update Time: 2019-12-20 02:04:19

Inserts prevent accidental disconnection of plugs

Tripp Lite has introduced PDU Plug-lock Inserts, a simple-to-use solution for preventing accidental disconnection of C20 and C14 plugs. IEC plugs are frequently loose-fitting and can be accidentally disconnected by even the slightest nudge or vibration, a likely event during routine network maintenance. Tripp Lite PDU Plug-lock inserts fit over the input plug, ensuring a secure connection between the plug and the outlet.

Tripp Lite’s PDU Plug-lock Inserts provide an easy-to-use alternative to other retention methods, like zip-ties, duct tape or expensive proprietary hardware. As an added benefit, they are compatible with any manufacturer’s cord—no special PDU hardware, cables or outlets are required.

Key features and benefits:
? Prevent accidental disconnection of C20 plugs from C19 outlets and C14 plugs from C13 outlets
? Provide up to 10 times more retention force than standard connections
? Universal compatibility, no special cables or brand-specific locking schemes
? Simple installation saves time
? Available in black, blue and red for color-coding

Founded in 1922, Tripp Lite originally manufactured automotive parts, including a line inverter. While the inverter is still part of its product line, Tripp Lite, whose customers' ever-changing needs drive over the past few decades, has placed its focus on power protection and connectivity products. As an early innovator, in the power and other industries, Tripp Lite's first UPS system is designed for personal computers and the world's most trusted premium surge suppressor, the Isobar?.


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