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Infineon introduces 3D image sensor solutions for the mobile device market

Published time: 2019-12-20 12:31:17

Munich, China -- infineon technologies (FSE: IFX/OTCQX: IFNNY) has developed an outstanding 3D image sensor solution for the mobile device market, REAL3™ IRS2381C.Today, the 3D ToF single-chip solution has been named "product of the year" by the Embedded Vision Alliance in the "sensors" category.The awards recognize the innovative achievements and outstanding achievements in advanced technologies, services and products to promote the application of the new generation of computer vision technology in many industries.

"Congratulations to infineon on winning the embedded vision alliance's 2019 sensor of the year award," said Jeff Bier, founder of the embedded vision alliance.When it comes to 3D image sensors for visual artificial intelligence applications, infineon is a pioneer.I really appreciate their persistence in investing in innovation and creating quality products in this complex and rapidly changing market.Infineon is a member of the embedded vision alliance and I am very proud and delighted to receive this award."


Philipp von Schierstaedt, infineon vice President and head of rf and sensor business, said, "we are very grateful to the embedded vision alliance for awarding us the product of the year award, which fully recognizes the innovation and exceptional performance of infineon REAL3™3D ToF image sensors.The new sensor brings together the expertise of infineon and pmdtechnologies to further enhance 3D camera capabilities in mobile applications, delivering a unique user experience in secure face recognition, computational photography, and seamless augmented reality applications."

Time of flight (ToF), the most advanced image sensing technology, is driving the use of 3D cameras in a new generation of mobile devices and will drive the rapid growth of the 3D image sensing application market in the coming years.'flight time' refers to the time it takes for a photon to travel from the camera to an object or target and back to the REAL3 sensor.Behind this principle lies a remarkable innovation: it enables users to interact more securely with their smartphones.

The award-winning IRS2381C image sensor provides a high-quality, safe, real-time 3D visual experience with superior performance in all lighting conditions, including outdoors.Compared with other 3D technologies, such as structured light, infineon's 3D flight time technology reduces the number of key components from three to two.In addition, by supporting direct distance measurement, it minimizes the computational resources required by the application processor.Overall, the solution improves reliability, reduces size, becomes more cost competitive, and significantly reduces power consumption.

The supply position

The new 3D image sensor chip, developed in graz, dresden and siegen, combines the know-how of infineon's German and Austrian factories in one solution.IRS2381C is the 3D image sensor of choice for 3D camera manufacturers in mobile applications thanks to infineon's reliable mass production capacity and in-factory calibration processes that can be implemented to meet the entire product life cycle.

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