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INFINEON CoolSETTM Family: Generation 5 Fixed Frequency 700 V/800 V CoolSETTM Released

Published time: 2019-12-20 10:10:00

INFINEON CoolSETTM Family: Generation 5 Fixed Frequency 700 V/800 V CoolSETTM Released

CoolSETTM Family: New Fixed-Frequency PWM Controller and Integrated Power IC Bring High Performance and Circuit Protection.

Currently, power supply manufacturers need to use devices that provide the best performance, efficiency, robustness, and ease of design. Demand for high-performance devices is growing rapidly. 

Infineon Technologies AG has introduced the fifth-generation fixed-frequency 700 V/800 V CoolSETTM. The solution integrates the PMW controller IC with the latest 700V and 800V CoolMOSTM P7 MOSFETs into a single package to support both isolated and non-isolated flyback topologies on a single platform.

The new fixed-frequency 700 V/800 V CoolSETTM uses a high-voltage superjunction MOSFET combined with a cascade configuration of internal current regulators for fast startup and easy brown-in protection. Integrated 800 V MOSFETs and optimized leading-edge blanking time support up to 350 VAC AC line input. The energy-saving mode can reduce the switching loss and reduce the switching frequency under medium and light load conditions.

In addition to providing standard output short-circuit protection, overload protection, and over-voltage protection, CoolSETTM also detects abnormal line inputs. In-system protection includes short-circuiting of the VCC and CS pins to ground protection designed to prevent the controller from being damaged due to abnormal startup conditions. Overheat protection improves the handling of operational faults with a hysteresis unit. All protection modes are implemented by automatic restart to minimize system interruption.


The fifth-generation fixed-frequency 700 V and 800 V CoolSETTM complete product portfolio is now available. The integrated CoolSETTM device is available in DIP-7 and DSO-12 packages. The standalone fixed frequency PWM controller is available in a DSO-8 package.

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