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Infineon and Tencent Cloud Join Hands to Advance Intelligent Building Solutions

Published time: 2019-12-20 10:18:48

Infineon Technologies and Tencent Cloud will collaborate in the field of intelligent buildings to create more environmentally friendly and safer future buildings through efficient and sustainable project development.

As a provider of innovative sensors and security solutions, Infineon will support the development of intelligent buildings in Tencent's Intelligent Building Systems program and other cloud solutions from Tencent. Tencent Cloud will use solutions including Infineon's smart downlights and integrate Infineon's leading sensors (such as XENSIVTM radar technology) into Tencent's intelligent building systems. The smart downlight system meets the customer's need for human flow monitoring without the need to change infrastructure or interior design. By using 24GHz XENSIVTM radar technology, it can count the flow of people under the lamp head and adjust the intensity of the light according to the flow of people, thus improving energy efficiency.

In addition, the two companies plan to promote human-computer interaction (HMI) in the smart building sector through other activities, such as smart lighting, smart speakers, or sensors with AI capabilities.


Wan Chao, vice president of Tencent Cloud, said: "Infineon is one of the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers. Its technologies and solutions that make life easier, safer and more environmentally friendly are exactly what Tencent's intelligent building systems require. We are excited to work with Infineon to explore new possibilities and further drive growth in the fast-growing smart building market."

Andreas Urschitz, President of Infineon's Power Management and Diversified Markets Division, said: "Digitalization is driving the transformation of all walks of life. The smart building sector has great potential for innovation and sustainable growth. By joining forces with Tencent Cloud, we look forward to being able to advance even more. Innovate and build smart building solutions for the future to enhance the visitor experience, reduce operating costs and achieve sustainable development goals."

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