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How to select bourns potentiometer

Update Time: 2020-07-21 15:34:17

Bourns potentiometer is one of the leading electronic components brands in the United States, and is also a world famous electronic parts manufacturer and supplier.If you need to purchase bourns potentiometer, then you should have a good look at the following about the purchase of bourns potentiometer skills.Bourns potentiometer can meet the following criteria, then you can almost choose.

Bourns potentiometer selection

1, according to bourns potentiometer skills and functions to select

Because bourns potentiometer selected materials and manufacturing technology is not the same, bourns potentiometer skill function is not the same.

Wire wound bourns potentiometer has the characteristics of low touch resistance, high precision, small temperature coefficient, and can make small power type and high power type, etc.Especially high resistance bourns potentiometer, choose resistance wire is very thin, easy to break.Other its nominal value is low, generally less than 100 k Ω.Its defect is poor resolution, because moving contact sliding friction, resistance wire is easy to break, so poor reliability.

2, according to bourns potentiometer construction method and adjustment method selection

Bourns potentiometer is an adjustable electronic component, so it is often called adjustable resistance.Bourns potentiometer with switch bit of single pole single throw, single pole double throw, double pole double throw, etc.

Also in the calibration circuit, can choose the locking bourns potentiometer.In transistor amplifier bias circuit, can choose half adjustable bourns potentiometer (single coil).In stereo sound equipment, need to regulate the volume and tone of two channels together, then it is necessary to choose double bourns potentiometer.In the computer, servo control and other automatic control circuit, can choose multi - turn bourns potentiometer.Other should also consider the length of the shaft is appropriate, shaft end choose what method, is the choice of milling into plane is still with grooves and so on.


Bourns potentiometer procurement skills

1. Model, size or stroke

Bourns potentiometer procurement, the first thing to understand is bourns potentiometer model or type.So the bottom has a general direction, which is to see whether this is a dial bourns potentiometer or rotating bourns potentiometer or straight slide bourns potentiometer, or just other things.

Is the dial bourns potentiometer single or double potentiometer?What the basic parameters are.Only after these have been determined can a general pattern be obtained.And this is the fundamental factor that affects prices;

2, bourns potentiometer purpose

That is, before you purchase, you also know clearly what is the bourns potentiometer you purchase?At the same time, it is better to be clear is used to adjust the light, speed or adjust the sound.All these will affect the quality of production.

3. The existence of segment points

See bourns potentiometer rotation to the middle there is no positioning, the general sliding bourns potentiometer will encounter this problem, part with handle rotating bourns potentiometer will have such a problem

4. Wiring mode

Bourns potentiometer with the circuit board is what kind of wiring, is it welded wire or directly inserted into the circuit board and so on

5. Terminal form

This one needs to see whether the terminal is straight or curved.Or depending on the Angle of the terminal and the handle.Generally 180 degrees is straight foot, 90 degrees is bent foot

6, shaft or slider or dial type and size length

7. Soldering method

Does bourns potentiometer you need to purchase have any requirement on soldering method?Solder by hand or with a tin burner.These bourns potentiometer process and material requirements are not the same.


Bourns potentiometer detection method

1, for bourns potentiometer detection method is similar to other potentiometers, the first need to operate is to reset the zero scale of the multimeter, and then adjust suitable for testing bourns potentiometer ohms.

2. Then connect the two meter pens of the multimeter to the fixed ends of the two pins of bourns potentiometer, and measure the resistance between the two fixed ends of the potentiometer.Normally when the potentiometer rotates the shaft, the measured resistance should be displayed as the nominal resistance.If the measured resistance is too large, the potentiometer is damaged.

3. The final operation is to measure the contact between the center end of the potentiometer and the resistor body, that is, the resistance value between the two ends of the potentiometer and the center end.In the measurement process, the need to observe is the multimeter reading, general with potentiometer axis of rotation, the reading should be uniform smooth increase or decrease, but for multimeter measure the resistance value is 0, and pointer appears the phenomenon such as beating, falling, it shows the potentiometer is was damaged.Under normal circumstances, the shaft is smooth when it rotates. For the measured resistance at both ends, it reaches the nominal resistance value. The sliding resistance value of the potentiometer changes with the rotation of the shaft, and the maximum resistance value reaches the nominal resistance value and the minimum resistance value reaches the zero resistance value.

Bourns potentiometer instructions

1, in the use of bourns potentiometer, do not adjust the resistance value of potentiometer.In case the resistance value is adjusted too large, the current load between the potentiometer and the circuit of the device will be unloaded, which may lead to the burning of the potentiometer.

2, bourns potentiometer in the installation do not operate too hard, so as not to easily lead to potentiometer pin broken or deformation phenomenon.

3, bourns potentiometer to avoid the use of damp places, so as not to easily lead to the potentiometer in a humid environment, insulation deterioration or short circuit fault.


4, about in the welding process of bourns potentiometer, for welding operation temperature is not too high, easy to cause weld penetration potentiometer pin, and the potentiometer after completion of welding, welding should pay attention to check whether there is or unstable phenomenon such as welding, to avoid in the use of potentiometer is easy to happen some accident, such as fault.

Bourns potentiometer use notes

1, bourns potentiometer resistance is mostly made of polycarbonic acid type synthetic resin, should avoid contact with the following items: ammonia water, other amines, alkaline solution, aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones, lipid hydrocarbons, strong chemicals (high ph), etc., otherwise it will affect its performance.

2, bourns potentiometer terminal in the welding should avoid the use of water-soluble flux, otherwise it will contribute to metal oxidation and moldy materials;Avoid using bad solder. Bad solder may cause soldering difficulties, poor contact or circuit break.

3, bourns potentiometer terminal in the welding if the welding temperature is too high or too long may lead to damage to the potentiometer.Pin type terminal welding should be at 235 ℃ + 5 ℃, 3 seconds to complete, the welding should be more than 1.5 MM from the potentiometer ontology, do not use when welding the wear PCB solder flow;Welding line terminal welding should be at 350 ℃ + 10 ℃, 3 seconds to complete.And the terminal should avoid heavy pressure, otherwise easy to cause bad contact.

4, bourns potentiometer welding, rosin (flux) into the printing press plate height adjustment is appropriate, should avoid flux into the potentiometer, otherwise it will cause brush and resistance body contact bad, INT, noise bad phenomenon.

5, bourns potentiometer is best used in voltage adjustment structure, and wiring mode should choose "1" grounding;The use of current-adjusted structures should be avoided, as the contact resistance between the resistance and the contact sheet is not conducive to the passage of large currents.

6, bourns potentiometer surface should avoid condensation or the presence of water droplets, avoid using in damp places, to prevent insulation deterioration or cause short circuit.

7, bourns potentiometer installed "rotary" potentiometer in the fixed nut, the strength should not be too tight, to avoid damaging the screw teeth or bad rotation, etc.;Avoid using long screws when installing the "iron case straight slide" potentiometer. Otherwise, it may hinder the movement of the handle or even directly damage the potentiometer itself.

8, in the bourns potentiometer on the knob process, the use of thrust can not be too large (can not exceed the "specification" in the shaft of the parameters of the pull), otherwise it may cause damage to the potentiometer.

9, bourns potentiometer rotary operating force (rotation or sliding) with the increase in temperature and become lighter, with the temperature decreased and become tight.If the potentiometer is used in low temperature environment, it needs to be explained so as to adopt special low temperature resistant grease.

10, bourns potentiometer shaft or slider design should be as short as possible.The shorter the shaft or slider length, the better and more stable the handle.On the contrary, the longer the bigger the shaking, feel easy to change.

11, bourns potentiometer can withstand the power of carbon membranes surrounding temperature is 70 ℃, when using a temperature higher than 70 ℃ could lose its function.

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